I’m Fiona! I’m a 29 year old Irish barrister, runner, wannabe triathlete and 80% vegetarian who tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle (most of the time!) I took up running when I first started college and have been hooked ever since. I ran my first marathon in 2008 purely as an experiment to see if I could actually do the crazy training… which then led to me actually signing up to and doing the Dublin marathon…. AND after initially strongly advocating the position of “That was a good life experience but why in the hell would anyone go back and do that again, KNOWING how hard the marathon is???”, I very quickly seemed to banish this thought somewhere into the dark recesses of my psyche and speedily replaced it with an overwhelming desire to do another one a.s.a.p. I love running, I love races and though I’m not great at either, I feel great when I do them so even if my results don’t look like Paula Radcliffe’s, I regularly like to imagine I look like her when I run! (Or sometimes Sonia O’Sullivan or Mo Farah slip in there too…)

I joined a local triathlon club last year to shake things up a bit and gotta love all that too. It’s hard to find the time for all the training but race days are worth it. If you haven’t had a go at one of these fellas, you are missing out. They’re tough, but a lot of fun and if you think you feel awesome after a road race, you’ll love the sinkingly smug feeling that envelops you as you bask in the aftermath of a triathlon.

Apart from trying to spend as much time as possible running around outside in the fresh air, I also love to spend afternoons in the cinema, curled up with a book on the couch and/or drinking obscene amounts of coffee!  Oh, and I’m a food addict. Did I mention that I seem to have an addictive personality?

Welcome to my big world!

I have a few 2015 goals going on at the moment that I’ve been working on… it’s probably more of the addict thing again…

5km : 22.54 v 22.40 (7.18 mins / mile)                                                                                 5 Miles: 41.41 v sub 40 (8 mins / mile) Did this: 39.14 (7.44 per mile) 27.6.15
10km : 51.35 v 50.00 (8.02 mins/ mile) Did this: 47.57 (7.43 per mile) 1.6.15
10 Mile : 1.27.07 v 1.25 (8.30 min/mile) Did this: 1.23.07 (8.19 /mile) 22.8.15
Half-Marathon: 1.51.59 (Dublin Half-Marathon) v 1.50 (8.23 mins/ mile)           Did this: 1.49.15 (8.14 / mile) 19.9.15
Marathon: 4.05.35 (2013 Dublin Marathon) v 4.00 (9.08 mins/mile)                   Did this: 3.58.35 (8.56 per mile) 11.7.15

Did this again… 3:50:54 (8.49/ mile) 26.10.15

Feel free to email me with any comments or questions at fiona.jarrett79@gmail.com



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