Wexford Cycle Break


I grew up in a world where “going on holidays” meant packing a bag (and as many toys as I could squeeze in there…) and piling into into the family hatchback, rammed with suitcases, pillows, dog, brothers and pre-made dinners for a week, to head off to another corner of Ireland by the sea for 2 weeks. Squeeze in two grandparents along the way and we were all set.

Simple and we loved it.

Kids at school would talk of far flung places like Spain, Turkey or camping in France. We never had the money for foreign holidays but then, I don’t think we missed them either. We spent our days at the beach, complete with body-boards, fishing rods, swimming, sandcastles and playing cricket, football, tennis and every other form of sport you could manage on a beach. Evenings in the local pub, eating local caught fish and chips and listening to a good trad session and then sweets on the way home.


Kilmore Quay, teeny village of big fishing fame.

Since becoming an adult, I’ve explored much further afield and loved that too. But there are still many places around Ireland I’ve never been to and many I still want to explore.


Last week I had some holidays from work and decided to take off to Wexford where my Aunt and Uncle have a holiday house. Their lovely holiday home is on the Hook Head peninsula at the very tip of Wexford. Rural but absolutely stunning setting.

Hook Head Lighthouse of Hook Head fame.

I spent the week cycling around the peninsula, trying out different roads and routes. Perfect blue skies, dry weather and a cold definitive wind accompanied me for most of the week as I explored Duncannon, Ballyhack and New Ross. Surprisingly good roads and some very decent climbs to be had for the adventurous cyclist. I loved it.

Cliff edge roads, stunning views, clear blue sky – Ireland’s answer to the Tour de France!

After the weather took a rather wet turn and the sunny South-East ceased to be sunny, I decided it was about time to pack up and come home.

Alas, there are other roads yet to be cycled and other parts of Ireland I have to explore.

See, I found a good spot to watch the sun go down, even have a spare seat for a handsome stranger to come and sit beside me 😉 

Thank you Wexford! (and Michael and Tina for letting me stay!)

Authentic haunted house right there on the overlooking the sea – Loftus Hall – I daren’t go any nearer!!!!!!

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