Reinventing the Wheel Food

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I love my food. Always have, always will. I am a fervent believer that no meal should ever be wasted on “functional food” bereft of all flavour and enjoyment, but rather every meal should be savoured and a moment to stop, rest and just enjoy.

However, I’m also the kind of person who once I find something I like, I will keep going back to it again and again and again until I get completely bored of it and then never want to see it again.

Not kidding when I say there are certain meals that I eat during the week that I have probably been eating every week for 5 years, give or take. Sad, but true.

Why eat the same thing so often? Simple – if I discover something I like and which my body is craving on a regular basis, then I’m happy to eat it and if it also happens to be nutritious and good for me, then I don’t see any reason not to keep eating it regularly.

Problem with eating the same things all the time is however, that eventually you (and even I) will get bored.

Reinventing the Wheel

These days I’m finding that I have no craving for the dinners and foods that I usually eat, which I can only surmise is due to a combination of me not running at all at the moment (due to foot injuries) and also the above circle of boredom. In the last few weeks, I feel like I’ve gone through a phase of rebelling, eating foods that I don’t normally want, like pancakes and cereal for dinner and which ultimately make my body feel like crap – almost as if I’ve just been searching for something different to shake things up with my food and try something else.

Shockingly, I very quickly decided I wanted to return to the feeling of feeling (that’s poor English but bear with me here…) good from the inside and that means eating good, fresh food- the kind that makes you glow from the inside out 😉

I know from experience that when you feel good inside, when your body feels happy and nourished, the glow spreads from the inside out.

New Stuff

Last week I picked up a new cookbook – I have more cookbooks than any other kind but there is nothing like drooling over a the pages of a new one for hours at a time (it’s really just an acceptable form of porn for foodies…sorry) – and I’ve been experimenting with new recipes all week.

Image result for anna jones a modern way to eat
Beautiful book and some tasty original recipes, vegetarian friendly…

So far, I’ve made banana ice-cream with candied walnuts…

Image result for vegan banana ice cream dates
This was so good it’s going to be getting a write-up all of its own #ComingSoon

Butter beans with fennel, lemon and tomatoes…

Image result for butter beans fennel tomatoes
Had this with sea bass – very nice mellow flavour from the fennel.

New potato and butternut squash hash

Baby potatoes, squash, leek and egg all fried up together…very tasty.

Courgette, pomegranate, couscous and chicken salad

Tearing myself away from sandwiches at lunchtime and living on the edge. With salad.

Smoky beans and sweet potato hash…



Lentils with roast tomatoes and horseradish…

Image result for lentils vertes tesco
Okay, I confess I have no photo of this dish because I was so hungry, but they were scrummy and I will be making them again. I’ll get a photo next time 😉

Acai bowl…. except I didn’t have any acai so it’s essentially berry ice-cream with granola, nuts, seeds and stuff on top!

Don’t let the scruffy photo fool you, it was one of the best desserts I’ve had in a while.

I’ve really enjoyed eating and experimenting this week with new ideas, trying new combinations and dishes but more than that, I’ve actually just enjoyed cooking again. Doing new things, buying different ingredients has brought the fun back to cooking again and reminded me how much I really enjoy it.

One thing’s for sure – more will follow!

Don’t get bored with you food! Get yourself a recipe book and have a go at something totally different that you’ve never tried before. I cannot recommend it enough!


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