My First 70.3: Dublin Ironman

My First.png

Your mission, should you choose to accept it.


That moment, that day, that ultimate mother of all events has finally arrived. Am I ready? No – in fairness, I may never be ready to take on a 1.9km swim, 90km cycle and half-marathon all in one swift block, but if it weren’t for my current and ongoing foot injury dilemma, I’d be a lot more prepared than I happen to be right now.

I will swim. I will cycle. I will not/definitely not/ probably not/ really should not might do part of the run. I haven’t been able to train properly at all since April on the running front, so I’m a million miles (or at least a few hundred…) from where I would want to be to run a good half-marathon. Finishing a 70.3 on a good day, when I’ve been able to train and put in some proper running training in the months leading up to the race, would be a stretch for me. For me, this is the next big leap forward. The next big challenge where a good old fashioned, honest-to-God, reaching-into-your-guts, all out effort would be needed – just to finish.

All those snazzy bikes. I do love a bit of bike bling 😀

Tomorrow, I will be going at it with virtually no running training and while it makes me a little sad that this is the situation I find myself in, having been looking forward to taking part in this event since last summer, it is a reality I have had no control over. Injury is a bitch like that. Sometimes all you can do is wait (and not go insane…!) I am grateful that apart from my feet, my other bits and bobs are still working reasonably well, which means that I can still do the swim and cycle. Ironman have also conveniently arranged for the run segment to be a 3 lap course of approximately 7km each, which means that if I feel like it tomorrow, I can try out a lap of running, see how I feel and then either stop or go again.

The forty foot, calmly awaiting the assault of 2000 triathletes.

Dublin 70.3 is going to be a great event and I’m stoked about being able to take part. The race kicks off in Scotsman’s Bay in Dun Laoighre, from where athletes will complete a single lap 1.9km swim. Then on to the bikes and into the city on EXTREMELY rarely seen closed streets. This I am going to love. Never are the streets of the city closed and never are cyclists given free reign like this over the much fought over tarmac that pave the way from the leafy south-side suburbs down to the city quays, heading out towards Lucan, Kildare and Meath. After the 9okm cycle, the run consists of 3 laps of a largely flat course in the Phoenix Park.

All racked and ready for action.

Pops has informed me he’s coming with me (on instruction from the mother) This is most kind of him, given the long periods of waiting around involved in an event this long and it’s always nice to know there’s someone there cheering you on in a tough race. Not sure he knows just how early the race starts however… that might be a kicker 😉 !

It’s also my birthday this weekend. Call me crazy but this is what I chose to do as my birthday treat. Does that make me iron?


Is anybody else taking part in Dublin Ironman tomorrow? If so, I’d love to hear from you and best of luck tomorrow if you are!!


My First.png


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