Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend

You know when you eat an entire bag of Carrs salt and vinegar crackers after a few glasses of white wine on a Friday evening, at the end of a crazy week… Ooph, what’s the best way to deal with that bloated full cracker feeling? #weeklywisdom

Go for a big ass cycle.

Or sleep it off.

(Either works, just in so you know 😉 )

It was a half-decent day outside so I decided to throw the bike in the car and head over to Blessington from where I planned to cycle the Wicklow and Sally gaps. Understand, that by half-decent, I mean it wasn’t raining and in Ireland, that’s good enough. Never turn your nose up at a dry day here, you gotta run (or cycle) with what you got.

I hadn’t cycled the gaps since last year so didn’t remember the route that well. Turns out, there is vomit-inducing-cracker-repeating fair bit of climbing on the way out from Hollywood to Lara but then there are some awesome, face-streamed-with-tears descents too so it makes it absolutely worth the effort. Lots of other happy cyclists out and about too which is always great to see and comforting to those of us who are not yet skilled in the art of not-puncturing…

New Stuff This Week You Might Like to Know About…

1. Movies – Star Trek, Ghostbusters and The Secret Life of Pets. There really isn’t much on in the cinema at the moment and the pickings are well and truly slim. Best of the bunch is Ghostbusters, despite popular criticism. It’s a Kristen Wigg/ Melissa McCarthy comedy combo, with the same kinda humour and feel to Bridesmaids. Lots of decent female humour and some proper laugh out loud scenes. Don’t expect too much, just go and have yourself a night with a buddy and a good laugh. Don’t mind the critics. I honestly don’t know what people expect from a film like Ghostbusters…

Star Trek was okay – decent 3D effects and light entertainment but too long and not as good as the last one

The Secret Life of Pets was disappointing. I’m not gonna lie, I was quite devastated. I saw the ads, I read the previews and I was genuinely excited to see this. It was a brilliant idea and had so much potential but the story, the script and the wit were… lacking.

2. Energy Bars I tried This Week –Trek Berry Burst. 


I’m doing this thing at the moment where I’m trying all the new energy bars I come across. You get bored eating the same ones so it’s good to shake it up. Two things you need to forgive me for – (a) I live in Ireland and (b) I’m slow (the two are not related…unless you’re from Dublin) My American friends have been talking about Trek bars for years but they didn’t make it to our green shores til recently and I’m slow to notice things so… I had my first Trek bar this week and it was decent. Good flavour, quite filling and made of only good ingredients. No e-numbers and extra unwanted crap in there. Just fruit, soya protein crunchies (just go with that one), fruit juice, oats and soya flour. Gluten, wheat and dairy free. Will be trying another flavour.


3. Nike Air Jordan’s – I got my first pair!!!!! 


I have wanted a pair of Jordan’s since I was a basketball-playing nerdy awkward teenager but for some reason, it never happened. I started a new job recently and there’s a Footlocker shop across the road, which I’ve been popping into frequently ever since… stalking the Jordan section in particular 😉 Yesterday, after I passed my final exams I decided it was time to treat myself. I may be too old for them now, or the wrong sex, or too Irish to be wearing Jordan’s but I could not care one single bit. I love my shiny new shoes.


4. Mark Cavendish’s Book – At Speed – 

The speed demon that is British cyclist Mark Cavendish left the Tour de France earlier this week after another impressive run of stage wins. This lad is on form at the moment and is going to be exciting to watch at the upcoming olympic games. He’s also got mad character so you know reading his story is going to be good.

5. Nerding up on cycling nutrition and training – I seem to be a cyclist these days so I’m trying to read a bit more about how I could be eating better as a cyclist and training better as a result. Here’s a few posts I’ve read this week:

Big Fat Lies of Cycling Nutrition

Re-fuelling Correctly After a Long Ride

Eating Enough Is Key

Little Things About Cycling…

How To Descend Like a Pro and Not Die – I just loved the title of this one. But also cuz it’s true.

Happy Weekend!!! Have a good one!



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