Slime Report: Cycling Disappointment


When I wrote up a post last week about Slime for the cyclist, I did not expect to be writing up the follow-up review so soon after but alas, with 2 flat tyres and being run off the road by a lovely patient driver on my way home from work today, I suddenly find myself in the position of being able to share some real feedback.

We had summer yesterday. 29 degrees, it was wonderful. Here for a day and gone again 😀

I’m clearly on a run of poor luck when it comes to punctures and flat tyres at the moment with getting one last week and the week before and then today… two in one go! Now, last week when I was having technical difficulties pumping up my back tyre after inserting a new tube, I brought the entire wheel along to Halford’s for a little dig out.

The short story: Halford’s recommended putting Slime inside the tyre (for a fee) – next time I got puncture, you simply re-inflate the tyre with your pump, which causes the slime to fill the puncture and you are good to go again. Two year guarantee of never having to change the tube.

One week later… got puncture, re-inflated the tyre and there I am standing roadside with all my kit spread out around the ground, listening to the soft hissing of air coming fizzing out of the tyre. The slime did not seal the puncture. The tyre failed to stay re-inflated. It did not work.

The Positive Story of the Day – I did successfully manage to change the tube on the other wheel (front one) and re-inflate it, which is the first time I’ve managed to do the whole puncture repair, tube change thing from start to finish all by my slow-learning self. Mock me all you like, I am immensely proud of my tiny achievement. Boom.

Metal Tyre Levers – the second great thing about this breakdown (when you have as many as I do, you really do become quite skilled at finding the positives 😉 ) was that I got to try out my new metal tyre levers. Cost the same as the plastic ones in the shop but are so much better. No snapping, cracking or breaking apart upon use. Rounded at the top, they didn’t pinch or otherwise cause damage to the tube when I was replacing the tyre over the new tube and they were significantly easier to use. I’d recommend getting a set of these to keep in your saddle over the plastic ones any day. Better than spoons too… and they look more professional when you need to whip em out in front of other very cool hard ass cyclists. Also very important.

I’ll be bringing my back tyre for another field trip tomorrow when I go back to Halford’s to complain about the seriously disappointing failure of the slime. It wasn’t expensive to get done but it’s not helpful to tell a cyclist that they won’t need a spare tube because they now have slime in their tyres and that punctures won’t be an issue for up to 2 years. Not about the money and I don’t like to complain, but seems to be that this if you’re pushing a service like this and it doesn’t work, then I feel responsible to bring it to their attention so that other cyclists don’t get screwed over.

Conclusion on Slime



ALWAYS CARRY A SPARE TUBE (or 2 if you can)

Have you ever had slime put into your tyres or used it? Did it work?



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