Happy Monday

Tour de France - Stage 1

I happen to have a few days off work because of the way the roster falls this month so I’m pretty much just gonna cycle about in random directions (probably in the rain), drink a lot of coffee in random places and watch the Tour de France. Oh and read lots of books. I just ordered a clatter of cycling books on Amazon and am planning a reading blitz over the next few days. They were cheaper online and I would’ve ended up buying them all at some stage anyway so my seemingly reckless credit card flutter is entirely justifiable. ūüėČ

Random Stuff That Happened This Week:

  • Molly¬†– Best.Pet.Ever. Loved the absolute bones of this dog and was the friendliest, most charismatic and loveable animal with the greatest personality I have ever come across. We came to the conclusion not long after getting her 16 years ago that she actually suffered from a psychological complex whereby she thought she was a human. Sadly, she died yesterday and we will miss her enormously.


  • New Coffee Discoveries –¬†I am that person who cannot understand why Starbucks won’t let the people have gingerbread lattes all year round. Dear Starbucks, I WOULD HAVE ONE EVERY DAY, just you know, in case you’re asking¬†…so I’m always trying out new coffee combinations in an effort to recreate a similar goodness. Today I went with a vanilla cappuccino with whipped cream. Surprisingly good. Could have drank a few more.
Pro Cycling magazine and a Starbucks pick me up are my 50 shades of delicious.
  • Orange is the New Black – Just started watching the new series and it is oh so good. Still holding back on Game of Thrones mind you…
  • Rain –¬†I know I live in Ireland but seriously, dear meteorologic elements… must we have rain EVERY day? You are drowning out the summer. Boo.
  • Tour de France –¬†A few days off work… during Tour de France season… when I’m not on¬†my own bike in the next 2 weeks, I’ll be watching 198 others flit about the french countryside.
Tour de France - Stage 1
Cav rocking it out and bang on form for the 2016 Tour. Super exciting to follow.

I’m not one for instant dinners but M&S have launched a new range of pizzas and I couldn’t resist picking one up to try at the weekend as I salivated¬†wandered among the supermarket aisles…as one does in M&S.

This new range of pizzas are designed for individual consumption and portioned appropriately. So simple but such a good design because if you’re like me, you regularly stand in the supermarket thinking “Ooh, maybe a nice M&S pizza for dinner would be a good idea – quick, effortless and delicious – but it’s too much for 1 person… yet if I buy it, I will probably end up eating the whole thing.” I don’t need or actually even want to eat all that pizza and end up feeling stuffed afterwards so to have all that mental ping pong annihilated at the source for me is something I appreciate.

The pizzas are all under 470 calories and come in 4 flavours – salami firenze; pollo primavera; mozzarella & rocket pesto; and prosciutto & fig.

M&S PizzaM&S PizzaM&S Pizza

I’m really digging on¬†O’Donnell’s Salt and Vinegar Crisps¬†at the moment. Not really a crisp person and I am quite fussy when it comes to crisps, but these are really very good. Cheese and onion are mighty good too.

Right so I’m aware that I’m always late to the party and fail to pick up on fashion trends (flares, skinny jeans, loafers…), foodie trends (frappa-what?), social trends (smartphones, twitter, skype, instagram) and just all round life stuff, but yesterday I tried my first¬†Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich¬†and it was scrummy. You know I’m habitual when it comes to food and Sundays are always ice cream day. Usually it’s a Mars ice cream. Yesterday, I went wild. Wild in Oreo land.

Definite Eat Me moment.

No regrets.

Have a good week!

What new foods have you been eating in the last few weeks? Do you get bored with your food and need to break out and get adventurous sometimes?


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