Whittling it Down

Last week I had blood tests done to investigate the possible cause of my ongoing foot pain which you guys can read about over here 😀

The Whittle.

The blood tests came back and the good news is… it’s not all bad. My blood indicators are that everything is normal. There is nothing in my bloods to indicate arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis and the GP told me that the inflammation levels were not abnormal. The only thing flagged in my blood test results were my sodium levels which the GP thought were quite low. She thought that this might be down to drinking too much water – “too much” meaning 2-3 litres a day.

This is me. I used to be very poor at drinking enough water and until I was about 16 (and joined weight watchers), I hated water with a passion and could swear I had never before drank a glass of water just as is! Over the course of losing weight with WW, I learned about the benefits of drinking water and then when I took up running, I started to look for it more than other drinks. Then again when I started marathon training, I was always very conscious about making sure to drink enough water before, during and after long runs. I sweat quite a bit so trying to counteract dehydration has always been something that I’ve prioritised.

Emmm…. I’m not quite as dramatic as this guy but I get through a fair amount too.

Alas, it would appear that I’ve been overdoing it! I can only suspect that with not running for the last while but yet still drinking at least 2 litres of water every day, it’s probably resulted in an imbalance.

Sounds dumb, but I never thought that drinking too much water could be bad for your health! If you’re a runner, you’ve likely heard of hyponatremia (overhydration) before and is something I’ve read about a lot and taken an interest in. In most of the information I’d come across, the message I got from it was that it was extremely rare and so I just automatically ruled it out as being something I was experiencing.


What’s great? Super dooper is that while this could be an issue if it were to continue is that it should be easily stopped and reversed. I am due to meet the GP next week to have a proper chat and plan on how to address everything going forward – including the x-rays of my feet which I am due to have done this week.

I am massively relieved that the results suggest I don’t have arthritis or a rheumatologic condition (apart from Reynaud’s – frequent numb fingers and toes…) more than you know. I seriously panicked when this popped up as a possibility and have been freaking out (in my head) for the last 10 weeks wondering about it all.

But I Still Cannot Run and My Feet Still Hurt.

It’s great great great to rule out horrible conditions like arthritis and rheumatology illnesses but I still don’t know what is causing my feet to hurt and in the meantime, 10 weeks have gone by and I haven’t been able to train or race.

What Do We Know So Far? The physios and my GP have collectively confirmed what is not causing my foot pain:

  1. A stress fracture
  2. Plantar Fasciitis
  3. Arthritis
  4. Rheumatoid arthritis
  5. Other rheumatology illnesses

All of this is, of course, just presumed based on the tests and assessments carried out thus far (yep, this is me not jinxing myself 😉 !!) The only other thing that has been suggested to me by the experts is that my feet have simply taken quite a “battering”/ a “pounding” for the last while with training, which I could understand, except for the fact that I’ve been doing an absolute minimum on my feet for the past 10 weeks – NO running (apart from 1 slip but we can talk about that in a later post…) and hardly any walking. I would have thought that if it was simply a case of resting your feet and giving them a break, they should be recovered by now. But they’re not.

Tendon, ligament or other soft tissue damage seems to be the most likely culprit at the moment but given how diffuse the areas of sensitivity are across both feet, I have my doubts there too.

In summary, the uncertainty of my foot injuries (feet injury or foot injuries?) goes on but I am happy to report the ruling out of a few more insidious causes and rock on to the next stage of analysis…

…let there be HOPE!

Living in too much water!



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