A Good Time to Open the Windows

attracting an audience

Some say that when one door closes, another one opens. Not one that I’ve always agreed with to be honest. Another door won’t open unless you make your way over to it and open it yourself and if you’re lost, befuddled, upset or confused or just spinning around in circles, it’s more likely that you wouldn’t even realise that there were other doors in the house to open.

Sometimes it takes a while to calm down, take a few deep breaths and look around you to see the doors, to open the windows and look at the possibilities.

Glending 13.JPG
Can you see the wood from the trees?

One that I do live by is that problems are not stop signs, but challenges to be figured out.

End of cheesy sayings and whimsical wonderings now, I promise.Glending 6.JPG

Being currently footless, I’m sidling a wall, on one side of which I occasionally  crash-land. This side is one of panic in which all I can think of is the fact that I can’t run, cycle, walk or put any pressure at all on my feet without them hurting. Without any resolution of my ongoing foot pain and with recommendations from the physio that I may need to see a rheumatologist, my mind occasionally spirals in this horrible direction…

On the other side of the wall, a world of opportunity and undiscovered gems.

I’m swimming a lot more these days and have noticed my pace getting faster, which has been an unexpected bonus. So far today, I’ve taken the dog to Glending Forest for some quality us time 😉 , washed the car (inside and out!), visited my elderly neighbour who wanted to show me his new bathroom and watched Friday’s stage of the Giro. Later, I’ll be babysitting my 4 yr old godchild and when she goes to bed, I’m going to crack out the books and do some studying.

Much of what I’m doing is distraction from what I currently cannot do. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’ve struggled with this but I think I’m getting better at making the most of this downtime.

Because what I have got right now is a problem. And opportunity.

Opportunity to hang with the old girl.

Glending 3
Bless her, she gave it socks this morning. Not bad for 16.

Opportunity to get stuck into work.

Opportunity to devour books.

Yeah, I know…another cycling book right? But this one is the best of the lot so far.

Opportunity  to read the newspaper from end to end. With copious amounts of coffee, duh.


Opportunity to be more creative with cooking…

Re-discovering fried eggs… going on EVERYTHING. Accompanied by avocado on everything. Bit like representing the Irish flag on every plate of food.

Opportunity to go to the movies more.

Jack O’Connell is the best part of Money Monster, hands down. Love this guy.

And opportunity  to catch up on the Giro D’Italia and watch back recordings from the previous week.

What an incredible stage on Friday. Absolutely epic.

I’m not okay with being injured and not able to do the things that make me feel awesome and wonderful and alive. But while I’m working on figuring out that problem, I can at least enjoy the opportunities that I have now to discover and spend time doing other things.

Happy weekend all!



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