What I’ve Been Reading

What I've Been Reading

Another week, another Sunday, another list of good stuff I’ve found around the world wide web, which will no doubt enhance and elevate your Sunday beyond the blissful. You lucky people.


The Importance of Taking Time Off After a Marathon Elite english runner Tina Muir, who writes an excellent blog (highly recommend following!) shares her experience and advice on the weeks following taking part in a marathon. Cannot recommend this enough.

Stress Fractures in Runners. Runners Connect explain the causes of common stress fractures in runners, what to do if you think you have one & how to come back from one.


Commuting to Work – the Secrets! If you’re like me, considering biking to work, no harm getting in some tips…

How it Feels to Get Hit By a Car while Cycling. This fella’s account of getting hit by a car reveals that the impact is not always about how physical the injuries are.

fatcyclist.com He’s not fat, but he is funny and I could read his blog for hours with a smile on my face from ear to ear. Good stuff.


Buttermilk Banana Cupcakes, Lindt Truffle Filling & Meringue Frosting. Lindt Truffle middle. Need I say more? Want to jump into the screen & squash it all into my mouth. There, I said more.


James Corden & Gwen Stefani doing Car Karaoke. Got 15 mins to have a good laugh? Ha, had, this is hilarious.

Happy reading and happy Sunday to one and all 😀


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