What I’ve Been Reading

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Sundays are great.

A Sunday is different to all other days for so many reasons – and yes, I accept that Monday is also different to Tuesday, as Tuesday is different to Wednesday, etc., etc – but Sundays really ARE different when we look at the mood of a day, the things we do and the generally life pace of a single day.

I grew up in a house where Sundays meant visiting grandparents, eating Sunday roast dinner with family and watching the GAA championship in my Gran’s sitting room, if you weren’t actually in attendance in Croke Park cheering your team on from the sideline. It meant slowing everything down to an easy tempo that allowed time to sit and talk to people, or time to read a book or just… time. The rest of the week could be a blur of activity and to-do lists but Sundays have always maintained a special exemption in my family and probably for many other people too.

Since I started this blogging malarky, I’ve discovered a whole other universe in the blogosphere and love reading other people’s stories and exploring the gazillions of weird and wonderful blogs orbiting out there. Sunday afternoons have become a great time to do a spot of exploration and reading  – in between cycling, Downton Abbey, people and Sunday dinner, you understand… It’s all that time. Time for everything sinfully delicious and purely enjoyable. Time.

One pot of coffee, a ridiculously unhealthy yoga-unfriendly slouch position on the couch and a willing and able WIFI system in working order… and I’m ready to go. And so are you, you lucky people! Because I think I’d like to start regularly sharing my weird and wonderful finds from around the web – about cycling, running, cooking, recipes, politics, funny stuff or just great stuff I think would be worth sharing.

If you got some time, why not get lost in the weird and the wonderful? Never know what you might find…

Here’s some great stuff I read this week:


Nick Butter’s Marathon Des Sables Race Report – unreal effort and excellent race report.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others … to release the joy!

Funniest Running Blog Post I’ve Read This Year. I mean laugh out loud hilarious. Goodness

12 Year Old Girl Runs a Half-Marathon by Accident. R.E.S.P.E.C.T


Sore arse from cycling? I’ve had a sore right butt for the last few weeks from cycling – I’m not ashamed to say. It’s not a saddle sore or chafing and there’s no visible bruising so I’ve been investigating whether this is a muscular or skeletal injury, what’s causing it and how to combat it in future. It seems to be a very common problem for lady cyclists but a lot of people are too embarrassed to raise it… The more conversation, the better, if you ask me!

Sit Bone Pain

How To Measure Your Sit Bones…  So you can buy a correct fitting saddle for you (and avoid further ass pain)


Pizza Box Made Out of Pizza I’m not kidding. You gotta see this one.

Woman Sues Starbucks for Too Much Ice Litigation gone mad? Dear God, yes. Just ask them for less ice. What’s the problem?

Mug Pizza, Mug Brownie… Do you laugh or just stare in awe at how many things you can cook in a mug? Worth seeing just to… well, see it.

Enjoy 🙂 Happy reading and Sunday to all you lovely people.


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