Greatest Finish in a Race You May Ever See – You Have to See It to Believe It

greatest finish

It’s gone viral. And you need to know about it.

I love sport.

Those moments of absolute grit, determination and heart when people are pushed to their absolute limits to produce something truly amazing – whether elite athletes pushing for glory in an olympic final or an amateur runner, digging deeper than they’ve ever gone before to finish the final 10km of their first marathon.

Sport is a beautiful, beautiful thing, capable of digging down to the very soul of a person and making them shine like so few other feats can.

Sport can also be ugly, bringing out the worst in people. Money, commerce, a ruthless desire to win no matter the cost have contributed to athletics, among other sports, becoming mired in controversy and allegations surrounding doping, cheating and other unbecoming activities. This makes me sad – really sad. I don’t judge those who cheat, because how could I, having never been in their shoes? But I am sad for those they have cheated – out of their wins, their medals and their moment of glory.

This is what makes those occasional spectacular moments of truly honest sport so special.

This is what gives people hope that there is still beauty in the sport of athletics.

Dare you to watch this Irish Universities’ women’s 4 x 400m relay and not feel the magic.

How incredibly awesome was that?!?!


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