How To Rest on a Bike

I can’t run.

Not entirely accurate. I can run but I’m deliberately not running at the moment because of a self-imposed post-marathon running embargo which is meant to facilitate optimal recovery, repair and biological regeneration. Yay. I sometimes picture in my head the little blood droplets nipping around my body (with little determined work faces and hard hats and tool belts…) going to work, repairing all my muscles and tears. Tangent- sorry.

The second reason for the present running lull is a borderline stress fracture on the base of my left foot. Boo. No one like a stress fracture and this runner bee is no exception. Very annoying but what can you do? It’s there and it’s been niggling away ever since my marathon training mileage started to peak a few weeks back. I did the usual ice baths and strengthening exercises but it persisted nonetheless and I’m loathe to ignore it and let it deteriorate further. So now that I have the opportunity to rest it properly, I am.

A couple of things to note:

I hate resting.

It is taking every bit of discipline in my being to restrain myself from going for a run.

The only way I can see myself sticking to not running is by replacing it with something else. Hello cycling. It’s been about 4 months since I was last on my bike, which tends to happen when I’m marathon training as I just don’t have the time or the energy for the bike once the mileage cranks up. But I do love my bike and I love heading out on a quiet morning for a few hours and exploring the county.

I’m not a fast cyclist and I probably have terrible technique but I don’t know much about technique and I cycle alone so neither of these things really matter to me. It calms me, in a similar way to how running calms me and it gives me space, to get away from the busy humdrum of home and all the madness of real life.

So while I hate not being able to run, I love the opportunity it has gifted me with and I plan to enjoy it.

You know what they say about linings and clouds.


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