”S’A Lazy Day

S'a Lazy Day.png

S’a lazy day folks. SO lazy I didn’t even feel the need to type an “i” or “t” to complete the first word of this post. Though I now realise that these first two sentences seeking to explain this omission are in fact, much longer. S’ the laziness…seeping into my brain, slowing everything down. S’alright. S’all good.

S’over now. I’ll stop it. No more messing about.

Exactly 2 weeks to go until the Paris Marathon 2016. That’s not long, especially if you’re someone who has yet to buy a guidebook, map of Paris, clothes, travel essentials AND finalise all the running stuff… like running gear to bring, race food/drink that I need to organise and the logistical craic, like where to meet parents after race, how not to get lost in Paris and oh yeah, where does the race start and what time? So. Much. Stuff. Oh, and a medical certificate – that’s an important one for anyone else who might be running with me this year in Paris – if you don’t have one at registration, they will not let you race. I’m gonna need to write that one down.

That last paragraph might give you the impression that I’m panicked. Not at all. I am ridiculously chilled out about the whole running a marathon thing, running a marathon in a foreign country thing and not having more than 10 words of french thing. I’m quite content that everything will be fine and work out lovely. I’m ready to be wowed by Paris.

I’m eating bags of this muesli from Lidl these days. Best muesli on the market at the mo.

My lazy Sunday started not so lazily with a 16 mile long run. The weather was behaving itself at a not too hot, not too cold temperature, very little wind and no precipitation of any kind. Very runner friendly. I felt pretty decent for most of this run, to the (unusual) point that I consciously had to remind myself to pull back a few times and not go too fast. This is a RARE occurrence for me. I continued to feel good up until about mile 14 when I really started to feel tiredness and fatigue setting in. I ran out the final 2 miles and as I pulled up at my front door, having ran 22 miles as my long run last week, today’s distance felt positively short. The ongoing benefits of running 22 miles folks (or a sure fire sign that you’re losing it slightly…) – when you start to feel that 16 miles is not really that long…

After my run, I had a sensational hot shower, put on freshly washed and ironed clothes – truly spirit-reviving all on their own – and made my way through the biggest pot of coffee and a chargrilled chicken, avocado, mature cheddar, pesto, salad sandwich on wholegrain, whilst watching Downton Abbey and the World Indoor Championships. So lazy, so good.

Marathon taper will continue next week and will see my weekly mileage fall further from 44 to 32 miles, while the long run will drop again from 16 to 12 miles.

I expect that I will struggle with this and will want to do more.

But I know better. This is not my first marathon and I know that in spite of all the doubts and fears that might go through my head in the next couple of weeks, tapering is important and should be respected. I also know that it has yet to cause me any kind of race disaster, such as a noticeable loss in fitness, endurance or readiness. So worry not. S’all good.

I do love a bit of data.

16 Miles (25.67km) Average Mile: 8.44 mins 2:19:48 Total Time
1 9:08
2 8:39
3 9:11
4 8:17
5 8:57
6 8:36
7 8:24
8 8:31
9 8:50
10 8:41
11 8:47
12 8:44
13 8:47 1:54
14 8:45 2:02
15 9:01
16 8:21

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