Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day.jpg

Happy St. Patrick’s day to all you happy Irish, non-Irish and world at large!

I love this day and honestly, how can you not when you spend the day at any parade in any given Irish town or city, celebrating it with people of every different age, background and nationality. Yes, it’s an Irish celebration of our national patron saint but we have become a multinational community and I love, love, love seeing people who have come from all over the world donning their greens, coming out in their hoards and getting in the spirit of things. Dare I say… even more so than the Irish themselves. Case in point: There was a family of Filipinos at the parade I attended today in Newbridge, who were handing around homemade rocky road (which was to die for…) and hot chocolate (to order!) for absolutely nothing. You legends, you… x x x


What did I do? I had a lie in (shhhh….), I excavated my wardrobe in search of a green dress, popped it on and located the dangliest, greenest pair of earrings I could find… and then rocked over to the St. Patrick’s day parade in our neighbouring town of Newbridge with the Mammy. Our town and Newbridge have an agreement whereby Newbridge host the Paddy’s day parade and we host the Easter parade. Sorta like a non-compete clause 😉

Tights girl & Dad

Good craic, good solid agricultural Irish parade and a good pick-me-up coffee and scone in Starbucks and it was an afternoon well spent. Happy days.

I even made ye all a wee video…

Apologies if there is slow buffering… this is the first video I’ve ever actually made and I promise to work on it. Sorry!


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