Frivolity on a Tuesday: 5 Random Survey

I don’t usually engage in blogging trends. I flirted with some of them briefly but I quickly realised they just don’t fit with me. I feel awkward even typing the words out and like I’m somehow defrauding the blogging world so I swiftly knocked that malarky on the head. That being said, this 5 Random Survey thingy that seems to be bouncing around the blog planet in the last few days is actually quite fun and I’ve decided to have a go. I’m a hypocrite today, yes, fine. But it’s in the name of fun. And it’s Paddy’s week. So I can do what I like. Ha.

5 Movies That I Know Off By Heart Regularly Watch:

A Few Good Men (“You f***ing people…you have no idea how to defend a country…”)

Scent of a Woman (“Out of order, I show you out of order. You don’t know what out of order is… I’d show you, but I’m too old, I’m too tired, I’m too f***in’ blind. If I were the man I was five years ago, I’d take a FLAMETHROWER to this place! Out of order? Who the hell do you think you’re talkin’ to? “)


Silence of the Lambs (“Well Clarice…have the lambs stopped screaming yet?”)

My Best Friend’s Wedding (Someday….when I’m awfully low…)

Any Given Sunday (“…the inches we need are everywhere around us…”)


5 Foods I Eat Everyday

Greek Yogurt


Butternut Squash


Fresh berries

God, this is a really boring list when I see it written down. I can only apologise.


5 Books That I’ve Read Most Recently

Rough Ride – Paul Kimmage

Seveneves – Neal Stevenson

The Dust That Falls From Dreams – Louis de Bernieres

Racing Through the Dark – David Millar

The Secret Race – Tyler Hamilton

There is a definite cycling theme going on right now but I promise, I’m not usually that one dimensional when it comes to reading. In my defence, Seveneves is a science-fiction, end-of-the-world (except that it’s not), very much out there kind of book so at least I’m making an effort to vary the theme…

5 Favourite TV Shows:

Downton Abbey


Boardwalk Empire

Game of Thrones

Gilmore Girls

This was so hard to pick just 5……. I feel bad not mentioning Love/Hate, The Peaky Blinders, True Detective,  The Fall, Skins, House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, The Bridge, The Killing, Fargo, Happy Valley, The Leftovers, Grey’s Anatomy, Homeland, Narcos, Breaking Bad, Sherlock, At Home With The Braithwaites… Oops.

5 Big Talking Points in Our House This Week:

1916 Rising Commemorations – coming up in the next couple of weeks

The General Election – Will a government be formed? No? Ugh…

Getting the house painted – What colour other than black will not show up dirt?

St. Patrick’s Day – What are we going to do? GAA club finals? Parade? Just wear green and chill out for the day?

Scooter for Dad – upcoming foot operation means he won’t be allowed put any weight on the foot for 6 weeks afterwards. Cue a hilarious looking 4 wheel scooter contraption that has one leg bent at the knee, like you’re kneeling down… and the other leg standing up. It’s like a cross between a pedal scooter that you’d see in a skate park and a mopehead. Too funny. Poor man is the ongoing subject of jest. We love you old man.

Is this even a 5 Random Things Survey? I’m fairly certain I’ve done it all wrong but you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t really care that much. We had fun anyway, right?



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