A Leaping Weekend


Happy leap year one and all! Less regular than Christmas (duh) so I’m making it an occasion to be celebrated. All about the small things, folks, so get on board my happy train and let’s get you leaping.

At a quick glance, my weekend looks incredibly boring quiet but actually it’s been a whirlwind of so many small things that when added up, amount to quite a busy few days. Some more significant than others but I digress – for some random weekend stuff, here’s what I’ve been up to:

Secret In Their Eyes remake. I popped along to the cinema on Friday night for my weekly movie fix and settled into an evening with Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and Chiwetel Ejiofor. I hadn’t seen the original Argentine version which won an Oscar in 2009 and knew nothing about it. Honestly, I prefer going to movies that I know nothing about. More surprise, more fun and no trailers telling me the ENTIRE story. Julia did not disappoint (does she ever) nor did her friends. This is an old school seriously good, but understated thriller that leaves you guessing right until the end. Not at all predictable. 9/10

14 Mile Medium-Long Run: My usual Friday medium-long run was a good un this week and I clocked in just over 2 hours, at 2.00.52, which I think is my best yet, in training. Totally unexpected and I ain’t complaining. Let there be more of that please!

Date with a 3 (nearly 4) year old. I had the pleasure of babysitting my godchild yesterday afternoon and we had some serious business to settle: party-planning. She will be four next week and as we all know, four is a very important age when you’re three. She’s allowing no room for messing this up. Catch, balloons and play-do were allowed only after the agenda was complete. #done

General Election Insanity. Oh Ireland, really? Really? REALLY? For a country with such a rich, vocal, involved political history, it baffles me – honestly truly baffles me how so many people in this country can get it so wrong. I sit here, cowering in dread at the prospective government to come. What’s that about Ted? #HolyGod

Sad to see him go. Scared of what just came in. Ugh.

Long Run Sunday. Got my 18 mile long run done Sunday morning (really more afternoon-ish but we’ll put that aside…) listening to the election results roll in, occasionally gesticulating wildly and loudly vocalising my opinions to what I thought was an otherwise empty road… Yeh, turned out the road was not always empty and to my shame, on more than one occasion, I had a cyclist just behind me who could not have avoided witnessing my craziness. Oh well, I may be crazy but I know I’m right – oh how Irish I really am! On the plus side, the run itself actually went quite well and I averaged out at 8.57 per mile. For a 4 hour Paris marathon, that’ll do. C’est bonne.

Asics Half-Zips. New gear! I’ve been hankering after some more half-zip tops as ever since I came across a Nike half-zip top on a sales rack last year, I’ve virtually been living in it. Warm, good fit and really good quality so it wears well and feels very nice. After about a year of internet and real shop browsing, I finally decided to buy an Asics Half-Zip top which was reduced from 50 euro to 25 (delivery included). As comfortable as the Nike, very good fit, good quality again, but a bit lighter. I liked it so much I got a second one 😉 Just to be sure. (prodirectrunning.com if you fancy a bargain…)

Asics Wmns Jersey LS 1/2 Zip - Performance Black Heather
I went for “black heather” and…
Asics Wmns Jersey LS 1/2 Zip - Grey Heather
…grey heather. Asics are apparently fond of heather.

Second Lunch on a Sunday. For once, this is not a gluttony issue. I long run on Sundays and usually have a solid sandwich (like chicken, cheese, avocado, salad) pretty soon afterwards. That’s all good but I have a babysitting gig on Sunday evenings that means I don’t get to have dinner until around 9.30pm, which results in too long a gap emerging between lunch and dinner. Hence, second lunch. More than happy to fill this gap, you understand but my problem at the moment is that I can’t decide what I want. I’m currently bouncing between a sandwich or a bowl of granola and yoghurt. I’d love some ideas, help!


Oh and one more thing.

Beyond excited when I saw this in Super Valu when I was doing some grocery shopping for Grandad on Friday. There may even have been an audible gasp and “wow” shape around my mouth for others to see.

Nut Butter.JPG

I’m starting to wonder if I should not be allowed out in public unaccompanied. I am such a weirdo.

But at least I’m not a creep.


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