Running in Snow

running ins snow.jpg

I ran 20 miles in snow today. Granted it wasn’t snowing the whole time when I was out plodding the pavements but still, there was snow. So much snow. Not a big thing if you live in certain parts of America (or some other parts of the world…) but for an Irish lass like me, experiencing snow in Ireland happens about as often as seeing a leprechaun.

Oh, and I have a head cold. Ugghhh. Lying in bed this morning, I must confess there was a moment when I looked out the window at the rapidly darkening sky, feeling sorry myself all runny nose and stuffy, when I thought of throwing in the towel and letting this one go. I’m sick and it’s snowing. Therefore, it is perfectly justifiable and acceptable to not run 20 miles outside today.

That’s what a sensible person would do. But I am not a sensible person as it turns out. I’m a person who cannot abide having not done something  and consequently be sitting about, thinking about having not done it all day. I’m not very good at “leaving things” period. I like a peaceful mind, where all jobs for the day have been completed, my shelf has been cleared and my mind can chill.  Is this a bit OCD-ish?

Some people might say that you shouldn’t be outside running in the cold if you’re sick – immune system is probably somewhat compromised and you don’t want to go making it any worse. But I have always disagreed with this approach. Obviously, if you’re very ill, you wouldn’t be able to run, but if it’s just a head cold, I’ve always found it most helpful, actually. All that fresh air and deep breathing helps to clear my head, as well as my nose and sinuses. I might not be as fast as usual but I’d take all that fresh air over sitting around feeling head cold-miserable any day.

I threw on the headphones and headed for the hills and by some miracle, I actually managed to run the 20 miles that were on my training schedule for today, rounding out at 3 hours 2 minutes. I have to confess that the last 4 miles were a bit of a struggle but I was just happy to get it done today. Needless to say, I am absolutely whacked now, but that’s alright because right now, there are no more demands on me apart from eating, drinking and watching Downton Abbey.  

Shelf has been cleared. Mind is at ease. And I’m eating chocolate. What Sundays are all about.

That’s a Cadbury Creme Egg right there. Mine. All mine.

Do you run when you’re sick?

Any tips on how to tackle a head cold?


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