That Friday Feeling

That Friday Feeling

I’m a fan of Fridays. Don’t think it would be presumptuous of me to say that most people are probably members of this club too. In the last year or so, I’ve developed something of a Friday habit. A happy habit.

1) Running Superpower. I run my medium-long run, usually in or around 12 miles, early in the morning and kick start my day feeling pretty hardcore and badass. Yesterday, my marathon training plan (Douglas & Pfitzinger) was to up this run to 14 miles. I was sceptical about whether I’d be up for this but it turned out to be one of my best runs this year. I usually run the Friday 12 miles at about 1.48-1.50 and my best time was 1.47. Yesterday I ran the first 12 in 1.45 and finished out the 14 miles in 2.02. Yay.


2) Refreshment. After my run (and the obligatory stretching and foam rolling…) I grab a hot shower, change into some new clothes (probably don’t need to mention that… Can’t imagine many people put their running gear BACK on after a shower. Ew) and catch up with my Dad over a quick cup of coffee. He’s usually fully dosed up on BBC World News and RTE national news by the time I come back from my run so these chats tend to be more of a seminar on global economics, renewable energy, the migration crisis and media accountability rather than any sort of meaningful Hollywood inspired father-daughter heart-to-heart. But then I’m Irish. I’m good with that.

Selfie with Paps.jpg
A thoughtful bloke, my Dad. (Please excuse my face in this, we were doing selfie tuition!)

3) Driving in my Car. After I’ve been briefed on world affairs, I’m on the road. Never mind where I’m going, it’s what I’m listening to that is obviously more important here. Sean Montcrief on Newstalk FM is what I’m listening to. Yes, he’s intelligent and the content of the show is consistently different (oxymoron?), fun and genuinely really interesting, even if completely off-the-wall most of the time… but that’s not what has me tuning in every time I get in my car. He’s blunt, he’s funny and he knows how to do a good interview- ie. he has respect for his guests, YET doesn’t blow smoke up their XXXXs BUT isn’t arrogant or rude AND he actually engages with the guest and asks good questions. I giggle away the time in the car.

3) Hanging with Grandad. Where am I going in my car you ask? I go to visit my Grandad in Dublin every Friday, which is about an hour away from where we live. We hang out, have some tea and a chat, maybe go to the graveyard to visit my Gran, do some grocery shopping and make a bit of dinner. He’s 93, has all his marbles and is currently working on building leg strength to improve his walking speed because he’s unimpressed with his recent drop in pace 😉 I’m one lucky sucker to get to have this time with my Grandad and I love it.

Cake Cutter.JPG
Handy with a knife too.

4) Movie Night. I go the movies nearly every Friday night. I’ve been a massive movie buff since I was a kid and when I came across Cineworld’s Unlimited membership, I just couldn’t resist. As many movies as you like, whenever you like. I drive into the city after visiting Grandad, grab a coffee, a sandwich (and something nice 😉 ) from Insomnia and settle into a double-bill for the evening. Sometimes with friends, sometimes not. I like going with friends and I like going on my own. Going on your own to the cinema is ridiculously peaceful and you’ve never done it before, it’s something you really have to do. And what’s funny is that there are always so many other people doing the exact same thing. So no, no one will be looking at you or thinking you’re weird.

Last night, I went to see 13 Hours and The 33. There must have been some kind of number theme going on this week with the cinema releases that no one told me about. The 13 was about the 2012 attacks on the American Embassy/ CIA base in Benghazi, Libya in which the American ambassador was killed and The 3was about the miners who were trapped inside a gold mine in the Atacama desert in Chile in 2010. Both were very good, although the two movies together did make for quite a tense evening!

As you can see, my Fridays are generally pretty low-key affairs, and with Saturdays and Sundays often choc-o-bloc with a whirlwind of activities, I rather like it that way. Feels a bit like warming-up for a run. Need a good, gentle stretch before breaking out at full pace 😉

What do you usually do on a Friday night? 

Do you have any Friday habits or things you like to do that give you that Friday feeling?


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