I’ve had a lot of random stuff racing around my mind for the past few days and I need to get it out. Failure to evacuate the engine room upstairs or at least let out some of the pressure is likely to lead to some kind of grotesque self-combustion… or at least – to the departure of notable moments that would be all kinds of wrong not to make note of. And so, I note.

Running on frost. A warm welcome to the cold snap that has FINALLY arrived on the island of Ireland. Feels like I’ve been waiting for winter to come FOREVER and two days ago, she arrived with aplomb, minus temperatures and a solid sheen of frost across the roads and footpaths. A bit hairy trying to remain upright at times, but no crash landings just yet. Be safe running people. To be fair to winter, not so much her fault as George RR Martin’s for creating such a lengthy build-up. If you’re reading this George, I love you but please dear God, finish the damn book.

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant. While I await George’s next masterpiece, I am more than happy to entertain myself going to the movies to see incredible feats of film-making such as this. Even if you take Leo out of the movie, it’s still all kinds of epic and I don’t use that word lightly or in the glib, overused way that it is abused nowadays. The scenery is stunning, the story is exciting, terrifying and absolutely gripping, and Tom Hardy is… well, Tom Hardy. That face, those teeny expressions, the little grunts- all of which can change the entire atmosphere of a scene. Brilliant. Oh and Leo? #oscar

Room. Speaking of Oscars, how about Jacob Tremblay to rival lovely Leo? Written by Irish author Emma Donoghue, the movie is very good but…and here it comes…the book is way better. Definitely go see the movie because it’s very well done, the acting is great (as is the directing-also an Irishman…) and readers of the book won’t be disappointed. I think the movie they made was the best film version that could’ve been done but in my humble opinion, the nerve-wracking, uneasy atmosphere in the book can’t be beaten. If you haven’t read it, do.

Grandad turning 93. My Grandad is 93 years old today. Tomorrow, we party. #Dontstopmenow

IAAF and Sebastian Coe. If I hear one more journalist talk about how Seb Coe is going to revolutionise elite athletics and make everything better, I WILL SCREAM. He hasn’t and he won’t and why the media seem to be just blindly regurgitating back what the IAAF and Coe are spouting baffles me. I thought the human race were meant to learn and evolve and yet here we are less than 10 years after the UCI/WADA/systemic, widespread abuse of drugs abomination and the world seems to have reverted back to tiptoeing around Coe, the IAAF and the boys in charge. I’m baffled, disappointed and disgusted for clean athletes the world over. Nutty rant over. #bugbear

Operation Transformation and Parkrun. Wonderful and wonderful. Good luck to the new leaders and to the nation and as they never cease to impress me with their generosity of spirit, three cheers for Parkrun for embracing the OT movement and becoming apart of the movement. I am loving all of the love.

Sugar v Fat. I am thoroughly confused. RTE released a documentary last week Sugar Crash, starring Dr Eva Orsmond which focused on sugar as a demonic substance capable of causing high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart problems, cirrhosis of the liver, liver cancer and other serious conditions, as well as obesity. Okay, got it.

Untitled design.jpg

But wait. BBC released a documentary last year (although I only saw it this week) Sugar v Fat, in which identical twin doctors self-tested the question of which is better for you? One went on a low-carb, high fat diet for one month eliminating all sugar and the other twin went on a low-fat, high sugar diet.

Having watched Sugar Crash, I was left in no doubt that sugar does all kinds of badness to your insides and should be avoided like the plague. Grand. But no. Then I watched Sugar v Fat, where it was found that the twin who completely eliminated sugar from his diet (just as Dr Eva would have a person do…) ended up in a pre-diabetic state after just 1 month. Because his body stopped having to deal with sugar, it ceased producing insulin.

So, too much sugar will make you seriously ill, but not enough sugar will make you seriously ill. Ah here. My head is spinning and I haven’t even gone near trying to understand the fat question. #Befuddled

Ranting over. I can move on now and stop hashtagging (did you know this is actually a recognised verb now? I just typed it and spell check didn’t even do the red underliney thing #whatmygrandmotherwouldsay) in an environment where hashtagging is not appropriate and meaningless. #twitter #cantstopthehash #whatdidpeopledobackinthedayswhentherewasnosuchthingashashtagging




2 thoughts on “Venting

  1. Hope you are enjoying that winter is there just be careful running, wouldn’t want you falling and hurting yourself. I am really want to see the Revenant as I’ve heard good things! Glad to hear it is as good as I’ve heard. As to the sugar vs. fat, I say eat what you want but in moderation. Just don’t go overboard is how i see it. Have a great week!

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  2. You really do have to be careful. That’s definitely one thing I love about winter – you have a genuine excuse to find shelter in the cinema and catch a good movie or 2! Of course you’re right about the sugar v fat thing… otherwise trying to work it all out would just melt your head!


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