Blast From the Past

Due to unexpected events, I’m taking care of my 3 year old godchild today. For a lot of you out there, this probably wouldn’t qualify as an event but for my currently childless self, it most certainly is.  To be honest, the 6am start was an event…Eww, I am NOT used to seeing that hour of the morning which by the way is insane, but I do understand that such madness is unavoidable for many of you. Still though. Gross.

My 3 year old charge and I are having a retro Christmas day. This is how we do it.

Classic Disney movie – The Princess and the Frog. Incidentally, it does seem to have more scary moments than most other Disney movies… but luckily we’re optimists so we have faith in the frog 🙂

Pancakes for breakfast. I haven’t eaten pancakes for brekkie since forever and Ellie doesn’t usually have time before school so treat day all round. Honey and blueberries to top. We’re all pancake happy here.


Snap.  Peppa Pig Pigstyle,of course. But still, love a good game of snap. Competitive levels taken down a few notches, to be fair. She’s probably too young to reveal my full competitive snap self to. The greater population of the known universe is probably too young to reveal my full competitive snap self to.


Arts and Crafts. Got some scissors, coloured paper, lots of prittstick,paint, colouring pencils and straws. I could be here all day people.

So, guess which one is mine?
So, guess which one is mine?

Iced Caramels. I have not seen these in YEARS and yes, apparently they do still exist. Nothing brings sweets out of their hiding place like Christmas. I’m game.

Feeding the swans. Doesn’t get more old school than this. It may be Storm Frank outside but right now, the rain has stopped and we’re all about the swans and trying out the new bike Santa brought.

Good days are not always big days.


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