And Down Came the Snow


It has snowed perhaps twice in the last 10 years in Ireland. It has snowed at Christmas time perhaps once. So there I was today, Christmas Eve, having being peeling, chopping, whisking, folding, melting, blending, dicing and mixing all forms of comestibles since the early hours… when all of sudden there arose such a flurry.

Darkness turned to blissful, whirling winds of tiny lights right before my eyes. Of course, it vanished nearly as soon as it came and after no more than five minutes, the snow was no more. But I saw it 😉

Last night I went into Dublin city to meet an old friend, an oldie but a goody 😉 and having such a good time was I, that I completely lost track of time…  When I looked at my watch for the first time at 11.06pm, I leapt from the table in a panic upon remembering that the last bus home was 11pm. Confession: There was a brief moment when I saw the time and sneekily thought “Ah no, sure there might be an additional late bus put on for Christmas week, I’ll be grand.” Yes, I have been this stupid before- Last Christmas I made that mistake and was stranded in Dublin at 1 o’clock in the morning. Not good. Not to be repeated. I quickly explained the situation to friend, rapidly changed my heels into my flats (part of me that foresaw running would likely become necessary at some point…), hugged friend and sprinted from the pub to the bus stop down on the river. Like he would say to me later, running has its uses 🙂

I made it to the bus, I’m sure you’re relieved to hear. Bless the crowds that were also getting the same bus and delayed it in leaving and god bless the 126 bus that is ALWAYS late. But the funnier part of this story is that as I was belting my way along road, footpath and cobblestone between O’Donoghue’s pub and the Ha’penny Bridge, I suddenly start seeing white fluffy things floating around in the air and I thought “That is not snow, what the hell is that? Am I seeing things? I know I haven’t had that much to drink.” But I couldn’t stop to inspect said white blobs, no time to spare! So I kept running, looking up in the sky with what was probably a most inquisitive look on my face. In other words, I must have looked like I was on some kind of narcotic. I was not. But I do believe it was snow.

Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin in the snow a few years ago. Pretty, right?

Midnight mass is done, veggies are chopped, white chocolate parfait is freezing, Christmas pudding is ready for the off, the turkey is being waterboarded in the shed and the ham has just come out of the oven awaiting the assembly of traditional Christmas Eve ham sandwiches. The work is done, the presents are wrapped and I am sitting down about to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. 

Tomorrow morning I will be first up and out the door for my Christmas day run, and then am lucky enough to have lots of family to spend the day with for lots of scrummy food and merriment. We will eat, open presents, play a killer boardgame and this time tomorrow we’ll be assessing the turkey sandwich options. Eat, be merry and don’t forget to just BE.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all and to all your loved ones. I hope you all have a wonderful few days and enjoy it, whatever it is that you do.


5 thoughts on “And Down Came the Snow

  1. I don’t care much for snow, perhaps because we get it often where I live. It was supposed to snow last night, but my inner Grinch is happy it did not! I am also happy you made the bus, yay running! HA.

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    1. Yeh that’s the thing about snow- looks real pretty at first & you can have a little play in it but then… it all just gets really wet and cold and not leaving can be a problem too. Of course there’s also the prob of it cutting into your running… Luckily we actually don’t get it very often & it never stays for very long. But I do appreciate the elements of the universe trying to make Christmas eve picture perfect 😉


  2. How exciting for you to see snow when it is rare where you live! Snow is very pretty and makes your surroundings look so peaceful! We had a white Christmas because we spent the holiday in Utah with Hubby’s mom. It’s pretty but very cold! Still fun to play in though! Hope you had a wonderful holiday! Have a happy new year too!

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