Freeing The Joy

Borrowed from Cadbury’s

I’m rapidly ploughing through my Christmas to-do list and as I do so, I’m starting to feel more and more cleansed and ready to just kick back and enjoy all of the festivities. Cleaning, in particular, seems to have this effect on me. I freak out a little at the start at the prospect of how much there is to clean, prepare and organise but as I start to work my way through each job from start to finish, I have so much time to think and just be that it seems to have a settling effect on me. So much of the day is typically taken up with milling around the place, working, doing errands, cooking, running- constantly in motion and moving from one thing to the next that I never seem to just stop, think and be in the moment.

Cleaning, it would appear, is my moment to stop, to think and to be. As I’ve cleaned cupboards (inside and out), washed bathroom walls, washed skirting boards (a new one for me), defrosted and de-cluttered two large freezers; put up 2 christmas trees and decorated two houses from top to bottom this week, I’ve had valuable time to think and ultimately, to settle myself. It’s been a cleanse for me, as well as for the walls and cupboards.

I still have a few gifts to buy and presents to wrap but the panic has passed and I now feel confident that there will be plenty of time next week that can be devoted to Christmas movies. EVERY YEAR, I make a mental list of movies that I plan to watch and EVERY YEAR I don’t have enough time to watch ANY of them. It’s tragic, I know, but this year is looking promising 😉

In the meantime, here is my stunning freezer work:

Such an exciting pic. no, really, try peel your eyes away.
Such an exciting pic. no, really, try peel your eyes away.

I did a grocery shop today and picked up a Christmas favourite of mine. An oldie, but a goodie. My kinda snow is falling.

Snow is falling...all around me...
Snow is falling…all around me…

I also came across these in Tiger and there are just so many possibilities for these, my mind has gone into overdrive. My mum’s suggestion for them was to hang all of your December socks up with them…but then reckoned maybe not, seen as you’d either only have one sock a day or no socks every second day. Oh mom.


Lastly, I found these Cadbury wonders on the shelf in the supermarket today and couldn’t resist. Words like chocolate and orange were printed on the box so you know how that goes.

Cadbury Amaze Bites - chocolate orange brownie chunks. Goodness me.
Cadbury Amaze Bites – chocolate orange brownie chunks. Goodness me.

One of these and a cup of strong coffee aided my Christmas tree effort no end this afternoon. There is a whole tub of these however and there may come a time when I have no longer a justifiable reason to eat one, like having earned one from all my efforts cleaning. There may be a day when it’s just me and the tub. No cleaning. No tree. I look forward to that day.

An orange chocolate lover's heaven. Cadbury + orange aplenty + brownie = heaven is a place on earth.
An orange chocolate lover’s heaven. Cadbury + orange aplenty + brownie = feeling the joy.

Happy preparations one and all!

How are your Christmas preparations coming along?

Do you have your own favourite things that you like to do every year before Christmas?


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