Mail Order Santa

Mail Order Santa

I was a little naughty, but would like to confess.

Confession No.1 : I ordered some new winter running gear online a couple of weeks ago as an early Christmas present to myself.

Confession No.2 : I’m not sorry at all!

Ho ho ho…

Most of my running gear, apart from new t-shirts which I’ve acquired from recent races, is years old. I love going to running shops and drooling over all the snazzy new gear, colour and styles but more often than not, I’ll leave empty-handed or with just some new socks (1000 Mile, seen as you ask 😉 ) I’m not tight, I just know what works for me – what’s comfortable and what I prefer to run in. I love the look of most running gear but when it comes down to me running on the roads on my own (99% of the time), I can’t stand anything that chafes, clings to all the wrong bits, flutters in the wind or that is too tight, too baggy, too loose, doesn’t sit right or otherwise is uncomfortable in any way whatsoever. It’s distracting and ultimately a run saboteur. And running is challenging enough, I don’t need to be making the challenge any more challenging by adding another challenge. Too many challenges, right?

My point: I don’t often buy new gear, apart from socks and running shoes so when I do spend my money, weeks of pondering, searching, exploring and deliberation go into the eventual purchase. My Gran always told me to be careful with my money – not to NOT spend it, but just to be wise with how you spend it. Here, here.

My eventual point: Yes, I was naughty and spent money on new gear at a time of the year when there are a lot of demands on my resources BUT it was a careful, considered purchase on gear that is both necessary and which I will have for years. I also believe it’s worth buying good quality gear because (a) there’s no point buying it at all if it’s not capable of carrying out the fundamental purpose for which it was bought and (b) it will stand to you in the long run (pun intended).

The stage: Ireland seems to be in the midst of an ongoing storm – Storm Abigail started off the official storm season a few weeks ago and since then we have rapidly gotten through letters a, b, c and d, most recently with Storm Desmond, which by the way has got to be the most politely named storm ever. Sounds to me like Desmond is just coming over for afternoon tea, not to blast the west coast of Ireland with so much rain and wind as to cause people to flee their homes and do things like this:

The good news? We are to have further stormy weather from tonight until after the weekend. Cue Storm Esmerelda… Storm Edmund…Storm Eugenia? Just spit-balling here.

A running jacket than can withstand rain and wind has suddenly become a daily requirement and my old faithful Adidas number is just not cutting it. It’s good for protection against the wind but doesn’t fare so well with rain. It was time to look for a new signing to improve the standard of my roster.

Ronaldo arrived today.

Apologies for the dreadful lighting.
Apologies for the dreadful lighting.

Did I mention how not sorry I am?

The Saucony Sonic Reflex jacket is allegedly windproof and rainproof and it also boasts a high degree of reflective material for safety during dark winter weather in particular.

This is what happiness in white looks like.
This is what happiness in white looks like.

I also got a Saucony beanie and a pair of Saucony Ulti-mitt running mittens. The running gloves that I’ve been using for the last few years are quite light and fine for just coldish weather but in extreme rain or when the temperatures fall right down, they’re just not enough. I’m looking forward to trying these out, in particular, as the waterproof flap that sits over the glove should protect the fingers from getting wet and generate more heat between the fingers by preventing them from being exposed to the cold. There is also a small red LED rechargeable light attached to one of the gloves to provide some extra visibility at night or when you just want to flash someone 😉  Nice.

Beanie baby.
Beanie baby.
Saucony Ulti-mitts. Little light on them to keep you lit.
Saucony Ulti-mitts. Little light on them to keep you lit.

Is it a confession if I’m not sorry at all? No, I don’t think so. Someone should tell Lance Armstrong. Sorry, couldn’t help it – my fingers just go to the keys naturally.


3 thoughts on “Mail Order Santa

  1. Enjoy the new gear. I can totally relate to your thoughts here… it’s tough making that decision to splurge on yourself. I usually am about to and then convince myself that my current stuff is just fine. Great gloves. You will love them! I bought a similar pair as part of my last splurge… two years ago!

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  2. Yes, I do that all the time – spend ages finding the right bit of kit online & then back out at the last minute. Really happy with the gear so far, but haven’t cracked out the gloves just yet. Very excited about them though & might have go for a late night run just so that is cold enough to try them out! Thanks 🙂


  3. Love your new gear!! I hope the storms that are heading your way aren’t too bad! It is always tough for me going into running stores and even visiting expos and seeing all the great gear but everything is so expensive! So I am very careful with what I buy as well, but I do like a good deal so if it’s something I already have my eyes on and it is on sale, I will probably get it. 🙂


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