Washing Bathroom Walls


Today I washed the bathroom walls. There’s a sentence I’d never thought I’d write. It may be that I am going doolally but actually it turns out there was some merit to it. Who knew that walls need to be washed?

The wall-washing is part of a pre-Christmas cleaning list that my Mom has assigned to me and is full of strange jobs that I have never done before (nor thought to do…) It also includes cleaning the insides of all the kitchen cupboards, washing ceilings and as of 5 minutes ago, painting ceilings. I’ll be Michelangelo by the end of this… But I’m happy to be useful and it’s all in the spirit of ho, ho, ho so bring on the challenge and let’s get clean!

Today was full of random good things.

New Socks. I won a voucher for a triathlon shop (Runworx) a lil while ago for coming 2nd in a 5k race (small race, obvs) so after drooling over EVERYTHING in the shop, I settled on a pair of new Hilly compression socks. I never seem to have enough and new socks are the business.

Whiter than white new socks and oh, so cushy. 

Torq Snaq Bar. I also picked up one of these at the till. I love trying new products, it didn’t cost me anything with the voucher and it said chocolate orange on the label. ‘nuf said.

Dark chocolate & Orange. Didn’t need anything more to sell it to me but it also happens to be raw & gluten free

6 mile run. I went out the front door this morning needing to do 4 recovery miles but trying to mentally work out how I could get away with running only 3 by assigning the remainder to other days of the week but actually ended up running 6 miles. No stress, good recovery run. Happy days.


Sparkling Bathroom. I did successfully scrub the bathroom walls and polish the entirety of the bathroom and it is sheer bling right now. I am Mr Muscle. Now, nobody have a shower, a bath, use the faucet or BREATHE in the bathroom from now until Christmas. I got this.


Watch Battery. My Grandad needed a new battery for his watch so after he trustingly relinquished it to me, I headed down the town to the jewellery shop today to get a replacement. I haven’t done this since I was a teenager. There’s something so old-fashioned about it and I really enjoyed it.

Paris Marathon. I signed up for the Paris Marathon! I’m a destination marathon virgin and have never done a race outside of Ireland so this whole travel-hotel-tourist-marathon thing will be entirely new for me. Signing up felt a little like jumping off a diving board. Really exciting, nerves in my stomach but also terrified. Oh but I do enjoy that feeling #junkie.

Do you still have an ACTUAL wrist watch that needs a manual battery change?

Have you a list of nutty cleaning jobs you want to get done before the holidays?


7 thoughts on “Washing Bathroom Walls

  1. The Paris Marathon is on my bucket list! So jealous! I have a watch problem in that I’m obsessed with them – so I have quite a few that run on traditional batteries. I usually wait for a few of them to die and then take them in to get new batteries all at once. The watch place probably thinks I’m crazy haha


  2. I am so jealous, I would love to do a marathon in Paris, well a Marathon all together. It really takes a lot of dedication, and I am not to sure if I have enough. Wow I am impressed with your mom’s list of what you need to clean. Do you want to clean my house next ?LOL

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    1. If it helps, I didn’t think I’d be able to run a marathon until I actually did & signing up is one of the best decisions I ever made. To be fair, my Mom is highly skilled in making lists! I honestly think there could be a career in this christmas deep-cleaning business!


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