The Rain Factor


WARNING: This is not a whinge fest. I like rain. I like running in the rain. But I also like running when it’s not raining, although I’m beginning to forget what that feels like as it has been raining here in Ireland (no, not surprising) for going on 2 weeks. We had a fabulous autumn and an uncharacteristically long, glorious spell of pretty autumnal days, sans la pluie so up until now I have taken the recent seemingly ongoing spell of rain in my stride, on the basis that this was “fair enough” given that we had it good for so long. But having gotten so ridiculously drenched over the last two days, my rain patience is starting to wear. And I’m Irish. Did I mention that? No, really, I had to wrestle off my sodden shoes and my clothes were so badly dripping wet when I came in the door yesterday that I had to strip at the front door (no one else was home at the time so no eyes were scarred. Not that time anyway…)


Baby, it’s cold outside.

Jump to this morning, it was still raining and with a healthy wind to boot. I only had 3 recovery miles to do this morning so myself and the mother headed over to the racecourse to do the parkrun, to join like-minded mad people who couldn’t resist a bit of wind and rain first thing on a Saturday morning. Not a Newsflash: it will in all likelihood be raining again tomorrow and I have a 10/11 mile run to do. Grand, except that all of my winter running clothes are drying in rotation and I’m all outta leggings…


I think you can see where I’m going with this. New gear!! Who doesn’t love a GOOD excuse to buy new gear? To be fair, I have been wearing the same running jacket all week, putting it on each time at a different level of damp… It feels hideous and it really isn’t a good idea unless you’re trying to make yourself ill. Likewise with my running hats. They’re hardly dried out enough after one wet run before I need to take them out again for another, which means more damp. Eww.

A sprinkle of internet research later, a dash of expert running advice and a drop (gulp) of credit card magic and I am now eagerly awaiting the arrival of the running fairy and a handsome doorstep parcel. The excitement of this alone is enough to get me through the next 2 weeks of rain so either way, I figure I’ve addressed the problem 😉 Reviews on the new gear to follow… shortly, I hope!

After messing about in the rain today, I figured I’d earned my cup of coffee (or 3…) and I also had an Insomnia granola slice leftover in my handbag after last night’s trip to the cinema to see Black Mass. Both were brilliant. For different reasons, obvs.

Granola slice

I remain yours in waiting, for the postman. And Santa Clause, for that matter. But in the meantime there’ll be coffee, granola slices and by god there’ll be more running in the rain.


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