The Little Things

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I read a very good post earlier this week (excellent blog over at about the differences between blogging v reality and it got me thinking. Most days of the week, I consider what I eat and do day in, day out to be not worthy of photo-taking, blog-writing or sufficiently momentous enough to warrant a blog post. Honestly, it’s mostly pretty boring.

A lot of the time, I eat the same food so to write about it and stick up photos would be pretty boring for me to write about and for you to read about. Likewise, my life at the moment mostly consists of rising in the morning, going for a run, doing some flexibility work, stretching out, having a shower and then looking for and applying for jobs. (If you’re recruiting, I’m here!) The plus side of not being employed at the minute is that I get to spend a couple of days with my Grandad every week, which I otherwise probably wouldn’t have the time to do. Most weeks look pretty much the same and my guess is that this is probably the case for most people.

What is interesting are the little things. The small things from day to day that make one day different from the next, keep you on your toes and create a little bit of fun in your day. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the little things so I’ve decided to make them their own feature right here on my page.

1.Brussel Sprouts. Must be all this talk of thanksgiving that has gotten me right in the mood for sprouts. From frozen into oven for 15 minutes and I’m one happy human. Countdown till Mother’s Christmas day sprouts has begun. T minus 30…


2. No Internet. Virgin takeover of UPC has seen a dismantling of old routers, boxes and cables in our house and the arrival of an Horizon box and A WORLD OF DIFFICULTIES. Both Dad and I have been on the phone with Virgin every day since the changeover last week & despite moving phones, boxes & having a technical fellow sent out, the broadband is still NOT WORKING. It’s slowly killing me 😦

3. Maggie Smith. The Dowager, to ye who frequent Downton Abbey. Also currently the Lady in the Van. As both titles would suggest, a slight contrast in social class and characters here but at the heart of both is the sharp dry wit and unparalleled brilliance of Maggie Smith. I can’t get enough of her.Maggie Smith

4. The Leftovers version of Pixies’ tune Where Is My Mind? Actually, I could have just left this at The Leftovers full stop. Hands down, my favourite show on TV right now. But have you noticed the music in the background? They’ve cleverly re-jigged some well-known songs, creating a completely original sound and it’s excellent. I could listen to the music and not watch the programme. I won’t. But I could.

5. Maths’ Hobby. For the aforementioned reasons above, I have more time on my hands than most people and when all else is done, I’ve recently found myself drawn back towards Leaving Cert maths. Sitting down, pencil in hand, doing my sums… I find it ridiculously restful and I figure it might prevent me going completely stupid in my time away from work. That’s always a good thing – particularly for my future employers 😉


6. My Ridiculous Hair. So when I decided it would be a good idea and cut all of my hair off and go pixie, I didn’t actually believe the hairdresser when she told me that I would need to keep getting it cut every 4-6 weeks. I laughed then. But clearly I wasn’t doing my maths then. Somedays I swear there’s kryptonite in my follicles, it grows that fast. 4-6 weeks? More like every week. These days, I look like one of the beatles crossing Abbey Road, helmet hair, incapable of shaping and with a mission to fluff.

Ridiculous Hair
Noooooooo…..lengthhhhhhh. Stop growing!!!

7. Cranberry Chicken Sandwich. Sandwich of the moment! I love sandwiches and my chicken sandwich go-to chicken sambo for the last while has been a pesto, chicken, cheddar, mayo, salad number. But it started to feel a little tired last week so I decided to shake it up, keeping the season in mind and fast-approaching Christmas/Thanksgiving. The result? Chicken breast on wholegrain with tomato, lettuce, mayo, white cheddar and cranberry sauce. Fresh goat’s cheese or cream cheese instead of the cheddar are also good subs to call in from the bench and if you fancy it, chuck a few dried cranberries in there. Mmm 😀

S’going in everything. Ho ho cranberry.

8. Bird Politicking and Backyard Diplomacy. Winter is upon us and with it comes the backyard bird scrum for food. We are very animal friendly in our house and to help our little feathered friends through their winter scavenging, we have multiple bird feeders hanging around the garden. Today, I filled bird feeders on opposite sides of the garden, some for small birds, some for the bigger ones. I gleefully watched from inside as the gorgeous little bluetits, finches, robins etc all started to flit into the garden and get to work on the seeds. Alas, when I returned an hour later the garden was awash with big ugly crows demolishing all the food, with not a teeny birdie in sight. Ugh, I was mad! I do NOT like bullies. I am now the garden arbiter, keeper of the peace, protector of the vulnerable and chaser-offer of bullies. I need a badge.

What small things have you got going on in your life right now?

Any cranberry sandwich recipes?


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