Marathon Taper Time: Tick Tock Dublin

Taper time

It’s time! I’m trained, I’m fuelled, I’m ridiculously well-educated on marathon running, fuelling and recovery and the time has now come to… sit on my ass and hold still. Oh yes, the taper has arrived in town.

The taper is like that really conscientious friend who keeps telling you what you need to hear, when you don’t want to hear it but you know they’re 100% right. It’s annoying, it’s in your face and you’d much rather just put a lid on it, sit on top of it and hum away loudly to yourself until it quietens down so that you can get on with what it is that you really want to do. But the taper IS your friend and it DOES care about you and it WILL be better for you in the long run. THE long run, aka 26.2. So listen up and do as you’re told.

Lots of time for... drinking coffee. Major plus.
Lots of time for… drinking coffee. Major plus.

The Dublin Marathon is less than 2 weeks away and I have officially started tapering back. My long run on Sunday was 16 miles, which I rounded out at an average of 9.04 per mile, 2 hours 25 minutes in total. My goal marathon pace will be 9.10 per mile so I was happy enough with the time, particularly given that I wasn’t pushing hard on Sunday or consciously trying to run at marathon pace. On the flip side, I didn’t feel too fresh on Sunday and found the last few miles harder going than the previous week, when I ran 22 miles and actually felt much better overall. Weird, but there you go!

My lunch today. Tuna sweetcorn salad on wholegrain with a bucket of coffee. Wholesome!
My lunch today. Tuna sweetcorn salad on wholegrain with a bucket of coffee. Wholesome!

Yesterday I ran 3 easy recovery miles to loosen up after the long run on Sunday and today I did 7 miles with 8 short strides. Rest day tomorrow. 8 miles on Friday with 3 x 1 mile at 5k pace. 3 miles recovery on Saturday and 12 mile long run on Sunday. Total mileage for this week should be 33.

Next week will (hopefully… touch wood, fingers crossed and all of that…) will look like this:

Monday: Rest                                                                                                                         Tuesday: 4 miles – recovery                                                                                                Wednesday: 5 miles – dress rehearsal – 3 miles at marathon pace         Thursday: Rest                                                                                                                Friday: 3 miles                                                                                                                         Saturday: Rest / Walk                                                                                                      Sunday: 2 miles

What kind of tapering do you do when approaching a marathon or big race? What kind of mileage do you do? Do you like it?


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