Birthday Fun

My Birthday My Way.

It was my birthday last Wednesday and as I mentioned in my last post, I am a strong believer in celebrating birthdays and marking the occasion with plenty of mini/big events, treats and general all round hooflah! On that note, I’ve been getting up to some fun stuff in the last week.

Selfie skills are not part of  my skill set!
Selfie skills are not part of my skill set!

On Wednesday, my actual birthday, I got up at the crack of sparrows and went for a 13 mile run. It was just the most beautiful of summer mornings with a clear blue sky and amazing sunshine, made all the more special by being out so early while it was still so quiet. Like my own little secret, a special treat gifted to me by the universe 😉 !!

See, I know it’s just a field but look at that SKY! Mesmerizingly blue… So good.

After my run, I dropped my Dad off at his volunteer shift and headed to Starbucks for a perfect coffee and cinnamon roll, where I read Cycling Weekly from cover to cover. Favourite combination at the moment is a non-fat latte with cinnamon and vanilla syrup paired with a cinnamon roll. Cinnamon lover =anseo.

Mmm... so good.
Mmm… so good.

Mum took a half day from work and when my Dad and I returned after being out all day, she had done all kinds of birthday magic, producing cake and cards and pressies. I was well spoilt! After we did birthday candles, a rendition of happy birthday and opened presents, I went out with my parents and my two brothers for a birthday dinner to my favourite local restaurant Vie de Chateau. Beautiful food, lovely wine and another rendition of happy birthday, complete with a surprise chocolate mousse studded with a tall candle, finished off the evening. I also cannot leave this piece without mentioning the absurdly delicious chocolate fondant with homemade vanilla ice-cream that this place presides over. Rich, dark and perfectly baked every time. My death row dessert, for sure.

Hanging basket

[I love the hanging baskets on our house at the moment & there is no picture of my chocolate fondant because I couldn’t risk not eating it within the first 10 seconds of it hitting the table! I’ll just have to have it again and remember to take a pic next time BEFORE burying my face in it.]

On Thursday, I headed off on an 84 km (ish) cycle and loved every minute of it, (apart from one of those perhaps, when some impatient jerk rashly undertook me on the inside as I was making a right turn and nearly squashed me into the road…) I’m finding that cycling seriously relaxes me. Problem is, I love it at the time but the following day I cannot LIFT my legs.

Bike Love

On Friday, I spent the day with my Grandad and ran 10 miles on the aforementioned knackered legs but felt much better by the end of the run and I always feel better for having run, rather than not.

On Saturday, I trundled through the Temple Bar Saturday morning market. The wave of smells coming from the array of food stalls and the kaleidoscope of colours as you walk through the market was insane. Lots of good coffee, reading and wandering done that day.

On Sunday, I ran 13 miles and then met my cousin and god-daughter for brunch in the Avoca Egg Cafe. Tracy went for the blueberry pancakes and I opted for the granola, greek yogurt and berry compote. As if you possibly could be, I was not disappointed. My granola was yum and the americano I had alongside it was perfect, bringing me right back up after the long run that morning.

Big bowl of deliciousness.
Big bowl of deliciousness.

I had a really enjoyable week and am lucky enough to have people in my life to celebrate it with who are amazing. Evidence of amazingness: plane ticket to London from my parents. Also amazing: London guide book and Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong  by David Walsh, gifts from my brothers for said trip. Am I lucky or what? Next week, I will be jetting off to big London, where I will stay with my fabulous cousin and her husband and hopefully have an AMAZING time doing lots of fun stuff. I’ve said amazing a lot here, but what can I say, I have high expectations! No pressure, London.


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