On Turning 29


In one way, your 29th birthday is a big one- the last one before you hit 30, the age where many people believe THE checklist for the first part of your life should be all ticked off. On the other hand, I’m getting quite relaxed and philosophical about birthdays and have recently started to believe more in my Gran’s wisdom that what is meant for you won’t pass you. So although I am not where I thought I would be by this age, maybe I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. Rather than trying to control my path, I’m learning to enjoy it and to embrace every experience that hops onto it because like running, sometimes taking a different road, albeit unplanned or by accident, you discover something even more wonderful.

In celebration of my birthday, I have planned to do lots of fun stuff. Last year, I tried to cram all of my favourite things into the one day and this ended up being just way too hectic. I also, unsurprisingly, didn’t manage to squeeze everything in! To remedy this, I’m going to celebrate my birthday over the course of a number of days… genius, I know 😉 !

On Saturday, I let the fun out of the gates and headed off on an adventure to the countryside to take part in the Caroline Kearney Triathlon. It was a perfect summer day for a race and it was made even better by rounding in a PB.

Pretty in pink
Pretty in pink

And not forgetting the whopper BBQ at the finish line which topped the day off nicely. Top drawer.

Nom noms...
Nom noms…

On Monday, I went for an early morning run to loosen up my legs after the triathlon and soak up some nice sunshine. I then motored over to Simon’s Hair Salon in Kildangan to get a long overdue chop to my wild Justin Bieber-like locks before heading up to visit my Grandad for the afternoon. Ahh… there’s my face! Knew it had to be in there somewhere.


Dublin Castle, steeped in history at every pivotal moment in Ireland’s progression.

On Tuesday, I became a tourist in Dublin city, heading into the city at the crack of dawn and visited Dublin Castle and the Trinity Science Gallery. After brushing up on my Irish history and playing at the fun Secret exhibition in the Science Gallery, I took a wander through the shops and had a scrummy moment with one of these.

FroYo Dublin style. Fun & delicious. Oh yes please!
FroYo Dublin style. DIY natural froyo & chocolate cup with fresh berries & pomegranate to top. Mmm.

I was also nearly talked into buying a LOT of incredible looking Irish fudge by the very persuasive Man of Aran but was rescued by sense at the last moment. My pancreas is silently thanking me.

Tomorrow is my birthday. And while I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, nor do I know what will happen in my future, what I do know is this. There will be running, there will be cake and by god, there’ll be dancing!

p.s. That last line was for all you secretive My Best Friend’s Wedding, because frankly my dear, Rupert’s words are not to be argued with.


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