Getting Lost


I got lost on my long run yesterday. I did my homework, mapping out the route the night before but I got lost anyway. As I mentioned in an earlier post, here , I have the privilege of housesitting for some family while they are away on holidays for a few weeks so I’ve been experimenting with exploring new running routes in my new locations. This entails a lot of pluses but also a few minuses.


Plus: Exploring new areas and running on roads for the first time is fun. Makes me feel like an adventurer. Bit like Columbus, only without a boat.


Minus: Getting lost and ending up running far longer than you’d planned on. Entertaining, feeling rebellious and like self is capable of conquering the world. Shortly followed by just annoying, tired and now I’m soaking wet because it’s lashing rain and when is this bloody country-bunken road EVER going to end. Perhaps also how Columbus felt in his boat.


Needless to say, I felt great when I got home afterwards, as you inevitably always do when you’ve run longer than you needed to, all hopped up on physical power and notions of athletic domination.


Getting lost was annoying at the time and frustrating when you’ve gone to the trouble of carefully planning in advance, drawn out a map and believe that you’ve taken every turn that you were supposed to. But I got over it. I got over it quickly and also probably got more out of the run in the end, having had to go down extra, unplanned roads, problem-solve and generally ask more of myself.


Such is my life at the moment. I planned, I mapped, I executed meticulously and somehow I have ended up utterly lost in this world. But I’m learning that that’s okay, that it is okay to get lost. As a planner and a mapper, it’s been a challenge to live in a world where there are things you can’t control but I’m learning to be more comfortable with it, to just let things happen and enjoy each moment for what it is. It may be frustrating, annoying and a little scary right now, but it also means I will get to explore roads that I never would have had a chance to run down otherwise and who knows, maybe I will get more out of “my run” in the end.

Running is a wise buddy sometimes.


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