5 Random Things

Summer is well and truly here, which for both good (mostly good) and less good reasons this creates lots of conflict for my head. Lots of stuff going on, while there’s also nothing much going on, so many things to do and get working on, while there’s also lots of free holiday time and seemingly nothing to do. It’s confusing, you see.

So, here are 5 random things I’m doing this weekend:

1. Binge watching Le Tour de France

You just can't beat the daily drama of the most epic race on the planet.
You just can’t beat the daily drama of the most epic race on the planet.

Only since last year have I become addicted to this race but I was out and about doing a myriad of jobs on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week and with it being possibly the biggest and most important part of the Tour, I did not want to miss any of it. Entering the final week of the Tour and still with the massive challenges of the Alps ahead, the race was still very much wide open for any of the top contenders to win. I set the magic box to record the live programme for each day (12+ hours….) and have now watched ALL of it. Whopper stuff.

2. Investigating mystery bird builders

I googled bird builder and this photo appeared. It's hilarious!
I googled bird builder and this photo appeared. It’s hilarious!

I was awoken this morning at 7am to the sound of loud, regular hammering sounds going on, on the roof, directly above my bedroom. At first, I thought it was probably just pigeons walking around up there as this happens quite a lot… But this was much louder than normal and the tapping sound was a lot more rhythmic and regular. I lay awake thinking of all of the possibilities as to what this could be but could come up with nothing realistic…. The 3 most likely situations I came up with were: (1) My retired, DIY-enthusiastic neighbour possibly fixing something on my roof… at 7am… without asking first…not likely; or (2) a cuckoo rhythmically hammering his beak off something on the roof ; or (3) some smartie pants birds are building something amazing up on the roof with tiny bird hammer and nails. I did stick my head out my window to see if I could see anything but naturally I couldn’t because the roof of the house is above the window and physically totally impossible, which I would’ve realised if I wasn’t so sleep-stupid at the time. Result: unresolved.

3. Running… but only just about

I’m mid post-marathon/ triathlon recovery at the mo so just on my first proper week back building the mileage back up again. 7 miles yesterday, 3 miles today and another 7 tomorrow. It feels like running but also kind of not, like I’m cheating somehow…. I’m looking forward to getting back to some longer runs and speed work. Patience, as you might be able to tell… is not something I’m a natural at!

4. Eating Not Ham Sandwiches


I’m trying to move away from eating so much ham because it really is quite processed, salty, etc and there are so many other proteins out there that have a lot more nutritional value to offer. It’s a regular in my sandwiches, bagels and just in my mouth generally. So today, I thought I would make a conscious effort to try something else instead.

Thinking of other possibilities, I came up with chicken or maybe egg. Grabbed 2 slices of wholegrain bread, a tomato, a few lettuce leaves and some low fat mayo and put an egg on to boil. Off to the fridge I popped, only to find that the cooked chicken breast in the fridge was starting to turn a funny shade of green. Any shade of green was probably not a good omen so I had to re-group. The only other form of protein in the fridge was bacon and as bacon is just another version of processed pork, I came around to the conclusion that ham would be healthier than bacon because it’s lower in fat and salt. Ergo, ham was the healthiest option available.

Ham went into the sandwich and I put the now cooked egg aside for tomorrow. Isn’t it amazing how we always manage to justify what we really want to have? Oh, but because I was making a conscious effort to have something different today, I added mustard. Transformational. A whole other sandwich. I think I did well.


5. Finishing the Bloody Mayor of Casterbridge


There may not be any blood in Thomas Hardy’s The Mayor of Casterbridge, but there may well be blood because of it, if I do not get to the end of it by tonight. I love reading and was making great progress on my reading list, flying through books until I hit this bump in the road. I loved Hardy’s Tess of the D’Ubervilles and was expecting to likewise enjoy this number, but I’m seriously struggling to maintain interest in the storyline and The Mayor has been following me around, on the bus, to work, to bed, to the coffee shop, the park, you name it… he’s been stalking me for weeks and I just cannot shake him. Tonight is the night it’s all going down.

An exciting but rather understated weekend, I think is how you might describe my weekend so far! What are you all up to for the weekend?


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