Marathon Recovery Treats


I’ve had 3 whole days off running, cycling and all other activity since running in the Stone Mad marathon on Saturday and it feels like a lifetime! I keep counting how many days it’s been since the marathon in my head, seemingly finding it hard to accept that it’s only been a few days and stubbornly having to remind myself that this is TIME OFF, NO RUNNING allowed. Well, at least, that is until tomorrow when I plan to do 3 easy miles to see if my legs still bend in all the right places and in all the right directions (hopefully just the one direction, right?!).

In my 3 days off, I’ve had a few treats 😉 . I always think it’s a good idea to take a few days off after a big event like a marathon not just from training but from your normal routine in general. You need a break physically and mentally. It’s important to mark the end of one training cycle and to seal it off before starting a new one. So it was that I was lucky enough to be off work yesterday and today to properly be able to take a nice little break after the big run on Saturday.

It was pretty late by the time I got home after the marathon on Saturday evening as it was a late starter (11:10am!) and then there was a bit of hanging around after the race waiting for the shuttle bus back to HQ, then the bus journey itself and then the drive home. First thing I did when I got in was not a treat. More like a DOT – Delayed Onset of Treat. Ice Bath. Torture but also kind of wonderful- I have very confused feelings about ice baths. As Facebook would say: it’s complicated.


Immediately after said torture, I had a proper bath with epsom salts, bubbles, candles, the lot and struggled to peel myself out of the bathroom bliss. It was too late at that stage to be bothered about food but due to unprecedented organisation from the day before, I had a steak, nigella chickpeas, green beans and spinach all set and ready to go. It was just what I needed!

Best chickpeas you will ever have: garlic, red onion, red chili and thyme. Whopper.
Best chickpeas you will ever have: garlic, red onion, red chili and thyme. Whopper.

My foodie treat came the next morning when I met my grand-aunt, cousin and my godchild for brunch in the Avoca Egg Cafe. I had their super fresh crab salad with a slice of their gorgeous multi-seed brown bread, finished off with a rocking dessert of lemon posset with homemade shortbread biscuits. This was the first lemon posset I’ve ever tried, in fact, first posset of any kind, and it was delicious. So smooth, not too heavy or too light and plenty of lemon to give it a real kick. I ate it all.

The lemon posset didn’t hang around long enough for me take a photo…

Yesterday, I treated myself to some light (very light) shopping and nabbed myself a copy of Pro Cycling magazine before heading over to Starbucks in Kildare village and further treating myself to a makeshift gingerbread latte and a cinnamon swirl roll. I say makeshift because apparently this is a seasonal speciality in Starbucks, though I believe it should be an all year rounder because it’s pure yum. I did, however, try to slip this by the very nice girl at the register in Starbucks when she asked me what I’d like – I thought maybe she just won’t notice and I’d be sorted! Em, no. She hesitated, looked at me and then said no. Not to worry, what I then asked her for was a latte with a dash of cinnamon syrup and vanilla syrup, with whipped cream on top (of course – treat day, remember?). I did a DIY sprinkle of cinnamon on the top and I was in business! It may not have been Starbucks recipe for a gingerbread latte but it was damn close! I digress. Great way to spend a couple of hours, pouring over the details of the Tour de France while chilling out in Starbucks 😀

Post marathon treats are the best. Starbucks, cycling mags & binge watching the Tour de France!
Post marathon treats are the best. Starbucks, cycling mags & binge watching the Tour de France!

A delicious fresh crusty baguette with Brady’s ham followed for lunch, accompanied by some quality crisps and… more coffee.

Classic here, no messing around.
Classic here, no messing around.

I spent the afternoon gorging on my newly acquired Game of Thrones boxset and this occasion called for snacks. There was quite a lot of chocolate, a few sweets and quite a few more crisps. It also poured rain all afternoon so naturally I felt completely justified to be hibernating inside with Jon Snow telling me “Winter is coming”.

Summer may be here but  winter is coming. Yep.
Summer may be here but winter is coming. Yep, you heard it here.

I had ice-cream for dinner

Smhealthy? Smelting more like. Better eat it so...
Smhealthy? Smelting more like. Better eat it so…

This was a fun couple of days but already by last night, I was feeling ready to get back into a routine and back to healthy living. Today, I’m happy to be back to eating healthy again and planning the next big occasion.


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