Feeding Frenzy


I am a creature of habit. I eat a lot of the same foods every week and this translates to my running too. I tend to use a lot of the same drinks, foods, etc for fuelling my long run, which is fine in one way because it means that I have drinks and fuel that I know works for me, which doesn’t upset my system. Yay! But it can also get a bit boring, which is why I took a trip to one of my favourite shops, Base 2 Race, in Ballymount at the weekend and treated myself to a variety of new goodies to try out. This was quite extravagant but it’s a once off and it was for research purposes. Yes. Research purposes.

My go to gear at the moment is any combination of Lucozade Sport (orange flavour), clif shots (with caffeine) and jelly babies. The shots and the babies go down with some water to avoid any nasty tummy issues. So the new kids on the block are these fine looking bunch of joes:


I needed to get some electrolyte stuff to pop into a drink for the long runs as I’m a salty sweater (sorry for the grossness but there it is) and with the weather being so hot at the moment, this is particularly an issue. Also with the Stone Mad marathon this weekend being a self-sufficient race, I’m planning to bring some with me to keep me going. I went for the High Five Zero tablets which you pop into water and watch fizzle up (you don’t have to watch but I do!).

I’ve already eaten the Nakd Banana Bread bar and it was yum. I couldn’t believe it actually tasted so much like banana bread when there were so few ingredients in the bar and all natural. Amazing!

The other bars – a Clif Builder’s Protein Bar, Clif Bar Blueberry Crisp, Maxi Promax Recover – Rebuild bar and Smrt seaweed bar – I probably wouldn’t bring on a run as my stomach is not great at dealing with solid foods during a run. In fact, it takes me a while after a long run before my stomach settles down and I start to feel hungry. I would, however, use these other bars on a long cycle or as a snack before a run or afterwards, if I’m in a hurry and haven’t got time to make anything. Real food is always a better option than energy bars but there are times when you need energy and in a compact, energy dense form and no messing. I haven’t tried any of these fellas before so I’m excited to get stuck into these… yum, yum.

For the marathon this weekend, I’m planning on using the Clif shots (black cherry flavour) and possibly the Honey Stinger Energy Chews (pink lemonade flavour, seen as you asked), which I will take with the drink attached to my back via a nifty backpack thingy. The race organisers require you to carry a drink of at least 400 ml but the idea of having to carry anything, including a backpack, over 26 miles makes me want to run screaming…hot weather, chafing, bobbing heavy weight on back… So I got a handy little bottle which you strap across your shoulder and it rides on your back. There are also little pockets in it for your foody bits, keys and other essential small bits and bobs. It’s awesome, I love it. The race folks also say that you’ll be able to top up your water bottles at the aid stations along the way which would be great. There has also been a suggestion that if you want to leave your own drink/fuel with them at registration, they will bring it to the halfway point for you which you can grab along the way, which would be brilliant.

Who doesn’t love a good excuse to try new foods?

What do you use to fuel your long runs? Do you carry stuff with you or leave it out on your run route in advance? Love to hear all about it!


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