My Running Week: Cake Meets Taper


This week marks the first week of tapering in the build-up to the Stone Mad Marathon which I hope to run in less than 2 weeks time. I’ve been following-ish a Douglas and Pftizinger up-to-55 miles-per-week marathon plan and the guys had me running 42-45 miles this week, having ran 52 last week. Next week will see my mileage drop down again to 33 miles.

Enter the fear.  fearPart of me always fears this part of marathon training because it feels wrong to be reducing your mileage when you know you’re going to have to be able to run for VERY long, VERY shortly. It feels like reverse preparation. Like preparing a cake- you’ve been stirring and stirring and it’s all starting to come together, so why would you stop? How’s the cake going to get made if you don’t keep going? But the thing is, you’ve already done everything you need to do and now is the time for patience and trust. If you’ve been a good little cook, adding everything you’re supposed to, the right amounts, at the right times and likewise holding back when you should, then when you put your cake in the oven, it should emerge a beautiful thing. If, however, you’ve deviated from the recipe, assuming you know better, adding shit where you had no business doing so or just being a lazy ass along the way, not putting in what you were supposed to, chances are your cake will be a flop. I would know – I put a 24 mile training run into my cake last year and though edible when baked, it could’ve tasted better.

Not too sure about my cake analogy but you get the point! The taper is important and commands respect so now all that remains for me to do is be patient and have a little faith. Then I can eat cake. Done.

Monday: 37km cycle  1:35:20

Tuesday: 4 Miles  37:23 (9.19 av)

Wednesday: 12 Miles 1:52:35 (9.22 av)

Thursday:  Rest

Friday: 8 Miles  1:16:51 (9.36 av)

Saturday: 5 Mile race  39:14 (7.44 av)

Sunday: 16 Miles long run

Total Mileage: 45 miles


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