Windspeed: …or Wind v Speed


Doug and Pfitz had me scheduled for an 8 mile speed session for today. I haven’t done much speed work at all so far this year but I’m aiming to crack both my 5km and 10km P.Bs this summer so it’s about time (pardon the pun) to start getting on with it.

The guys had me down to do 800m reps during my 8 mile run but I fancied having a go at doing some 1 mile repeats of some variety. In all honesty, I didn’t have a fixed plan nailed down so I more or less made it up as I went along and reckoned if I got a few good repeats in, then I’d be happy enough. Essentially, all I’m looking to do during my speed workouts is get my body used to running a faster pace and training myself to be able to maintain that pace over the 5km / 10km distance. My plan is to start with mile repeats and then gradually extend it to the full distance. The theory is fine, the reality… well, the reality is why I’m not a 35 minute 10 km superstar! But I’ll start with sub 50 minutes and we can see after that… (We all need goals, right Mo?). To get me under 50 minutes, I need to be running a 8.02 mile or thereabouts.

In the end, my run worked out like this:

1 mile warm-up

2 miles at 10 km pace  (1 mile recovery)

1 mile at 10 km pace (1 mile recovery)

1 mile at 10 km pace (1 mile cool-down)

Timewise: 9:30 ; 7:30 ; 7:41 ; 10:05 ; 8:12 ; 10:16 ; 7:54 ; 9:55 (1:11:11 in total – a bit creepy that time, isn’t it? 😶


So, as you can see, my fast miles were all under goal pace, except for my 8.12 but in my defence, there was a fiercesome wind blowing in my face for this stretch… although yes, this does mean that I had a nice tailwind for another section. I have a love-hate relationship with the wind, mostly hate- ever noticed how on some runs you find yourself running against a gale, which you content yourself with on the basis that the wind will surely be behind you at another point during your run and yet somehow it manages to mystically never get there…? I digress. Overall, the fast miles averaged out at 7.49 per mile. Happy with that and something to build on for next week.  Laters!


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