Registration Fever


That moment when you completely lose the run (ahem…) of yourself and sign up for a mega glut of races. Marathons, triathlons, aquathons, the world be damned! Seized by excitement, adrenalin and how amazingly fun and adventurous all of these races look and sound, months away from actually having to do any of them, they appear… well… a little bit beautiful. Up close, on the day, and particularly during and after, however, each bear the unmistakeable characteristics to rapidly undergo a mythical transformation into a beast of all kinds of scary and seemingly inconquerable. You know. One minute, it looks more like Mark Ruffalo in Just Like Heaven …Ruff

…and the next thing, you turn around to make a cup of tea and by the time you turn back around to ask him if he’d like one too (because obviously that’s what one would be talking to Mark Ruffalo about if he were standing in my kitchen…) he looks more like this:



Yes okay, the description is a little dramatic. However, the point remains applicable all the same. We often get ideas into our minds of what might be a “nice thing to do” or a “fun day out”. For example, my signing up for all the races I plan to do this year, including two marathons, three olympic distance triathlons and a two-day multi-stage marathon event seemed like a lot of fun and a great idea tonight but fast-forward two months and I may indeed be just hiding in my wardrobe crying. No, again that is just drama and the reality is I love to race, am a bit of an addict and am so unbelievably excited to start racing this year. With only having done a few short distance duathlons thus far this year, I am like a racehorse in the traps, just waiting for the off.


Don’t get me wrong, I have A LOT of work to do and my training isn’t near ready to let me off yet but maybe that’s why I felt I needed to do this now. To plan, to get excited and to have something greeeeeeeaaaaaattttttttt to look forward to. I may have bitten off more than I can chew but I love seeing how far I can push myself. To quote a great man, only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. With thanks T.S Eliot.

Races 2015:

Narraghmore Duathlon Series 2015 (February 15th ; March 15th; April 11th)

Howth Aquathon Series 2015 (May 25th; June 29th ; July 29th)

Women’s Mini Marathon: June 1st

Hook or by Crook Olympic Distance Triathlon: 13th June

5 Mile Marathon race series : 27th June

Clontarf Half Marathon: 4th July

Stonemad Multi-Stage Marathon (Day 1 Marathon; Day 2 Half Mara: 11/12 July

Top of the Mourne Olympic Triathlon: 18th July

Caroline Kearney Olympic Triathlon: 8th August

Frank Duffy 10 Mile: 22nd August

Dublin Half-Marathon: 19th September

Dublin Marathon: October 26th


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