Squeezing 15 Miles into Busy, Busy Weekend


Busy, busy weekend this week. A lot to be done, many lists were made, many timeplans were drawn up and thankfully actioned and I am now completely wiped out! Exhaustion, it definitively is but a wonderful, satisfactory exhaustion it also is. There is little more physically satisfying than a long run where you leave everything out on the roads. You push yourself further and for longer every week and in doing so extend yourself beyond your current limits. It’s a wonderful feeling and one I’m possibly somewhat addicted to.

15 miles was my long run today and somehow I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning to brave the rainy, windy elements outside. Normally, not an issue but yesterday was my little brother’s graduation from his masters’ course at DCU so we were out en famille, celebrating all day and it was late when I finally hit the bed. Again, fine, right? Not draining activity EXCEPT if you’re wearing high heels. I am not good at heels – simple as. Myself + heels = disaster zone. But I was determined to don some style yesterday and  so psyched myself up for a balance masterclass! I did well, ie. did not fall and I also managed to keep them on for the duration of the day. However, I paid the price with aching calves by the end of the day and I was still feeling the effects this morning.  Like, I said: my 15 miler this morning was a major accomplishment today! 2:26:03 (about a 9:43 average mile) and I was home and happy.

Good run, good weekend and more than a good feeling.

Game Face
Game Face

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