Running Thrills: March, in Like a Lion…


Oft heard, I have never really paid very much attention to the old English proverb that definitively claims March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Until yesterday. Having woken up on Sunday morning to the sound of a gale whirring around the house and the sight of torrential rain, shortly followed by glorious sheets of snow billowing down from a very grey sky, my runner’s dogged determination to run through whatever weather is going on outside my window caved and I made the wise decision to postpone my long run. I never usually do this, not because of any great inner strength or any such accolade, but merely because there is nothing that annoys me more than that gnawing voice at the back of my mind that persistently reminds me that there is something I am supposed to do but haven’t done yet. And until I do it, that voice just continues to get louder and louder so rather than actually having more time and energy for other tasks, I end up tortured over the one thing I haven’t done. Am I alone in this craziness? I’m exaggerating a little, it’s not a debilitating issue, but it is very annoying and it particularly applies to my running schedule for the week. I hate missing a run because I always feel that if I do, I’ve then fallen behind on my mileage and the whole week starts to get a little screwy. It’s probably also due to all the excess energy I have whirring around my body as a result of the missed run which has been denied release and consequently gets redirected to fuelling what goes on between my two ears (Not a lot, but even less on days I run :)).

I took the plunge on Sunday and reconciled myself to the probability that there would be some extra nagging demons to keep me company for the day. Monday morning was a beauty! Bright blue sky, no precipitation of any kind and I was out of the bed and out the door with a big stupid grin on my freckled face. Best decision ever! Or so I thought. At mile 6, I started to notice the occasional speck of snow catching on my sleeve but it didn’t look like much so I shrugged it off and told myself I was probably imagining it. Turns out, I wasn’t. Minutes later, masses of grey clouds had engulfed the sky, there was an impressively solid sideways wind and snow was pummelling out of the heavens.


Massively caught out, I had no hat or other appropriate gear, apart from my gloves, and I was well and truly marshmallowed by the time I got home 4.5 miles later. Serves me right for being so smug! It’s not the first time I’ve been caught out and it won’t be the last but what I’ve learned from these occasions is that, try as you might as a runner, to plan every aspect of your run (and your day), you can’t control everything. Sometimes you just have to let it ride and while you’re on it, you may as well have fun and enjoy it. My run through a snow blizzard yesterday was not a disaster, it was actually pretty exciting and a lot of fun.  It definitely distracted me from the last 4.5 miles of my run and made it a hell of a lot more interesting than the run would have been without it. A little adventure in your day-to-day is a great thing, especially when it comes as a surprise and I’m sure I’m not the only runner who welcomes it with open arms!

What was a less pleasant adventure yesterday was the chocolate protein shake I had when I got back from my run. As a powder protein shake virgin, I was expecting something delicious as well as functional, from what I had read about them from other bloggers, articles, etc. I accept that maybe I didn’t shake it enough, have enough water or didn’t use a big enough bottle to do the shaking, but either way, I could not get the powder to dissolve properly… So yes, I ended up with a very lumpy, cold, chocolate drink and it was horrific. As I say, most likely my own fault, but it had a weird taste of watered-down chocolate and a nauseatingly nasty consistency and I would have difficulty running that particular gauntlet again. Next time, I think I’ll just stick to the chocolate milk 😲!



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