Necessary Nutrition v Food Boredom


I love food. Try as I might (and have attempted to do in no small measure in the past…), there is no getting away from that fundamental fact. Most people do love food and those that claim they don’t are usually harbouring an underlying, or predominantly over-arching, fear of it. As a runner and a woman, who has weight issues since I was about 12 years old, I seem to be constantly struggling with finding the right balance between eating enough; not eating too much; eating highly nutritious food for good running fuel and recovery; and eating for pleasure.


I imagine I am not alone in this ongoing struggle and with the abundance of information now available on the web, in magazines and on the TV, rather than the apparent contemporary desire to dissect F.O.O.D and allow the whole area to become clearer and easier to understand, it can be a challenge to grasp a good and meaningful understanding. I can fully admit that for me anyway, it is a constant learning experience and one that I enjoy, most days!

Recently, I’ve gotten into something of a food rut. I have more of less the same things for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper on the same days each week. Now, I love each of these meals and they work for me, in terms of providing good nutrition, the time taken to prepare each one on certain days, the right amount of calories (approximately…ish), oh and I think they taste yum! Problem is I’ve gotten overly comfortable. Like when you’ve been sitting on a really comfortable sofa for too long and the position that felt like pure heaven when you first flopped into it, is now hurting your back and is actually kind of annoying you now. The only way to solve it is to get up. I need to get up out of my food.

Inspired by this motivational thought, I pulled out Derval O’Rourke’s Food for the Fast Lane yesterday evening and had a go at her Grilled Salmon with Celeriac and Spinach Mash. It was dead easy to prepare and make, was ready in a half an hour and it tasted pretty good too! Definitely feel spurred on to road-test lots more new recipes from Derval and will post my reports up on here in the (hopefully) not so distant future. As a side note, I love Derval’s book. It’s a lovely cookbook to just read, even if you don’t actually get around to trying any of them out and plenty of little tips from the author dotted throughout the pages.

Here’s the final result:


Thanks Derval!


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